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Meet our Super Mom!

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It was the 8-hour daily grind plus the chaotic traffic in the metro which made MK Bertulfo contemplate transitioning to working from home. From queuing too long lines of public transportation and having to experience heavy traffic when going home, these reasons resulted in her missing her son and loved ones’ lives. It was too tiring for her; she was exhausted from work, transportation, house chores, and other issues she has to deal with as a mom.

She is just like most moms out there who sincerely wish to have more time with their families, but unfortunately has to go to work, so they are left with no choice but to leave their kids under the care of a helper.

She came across, one of the biggest and known online home-based job portal. She tried creating a profile for the first time -lo and behold, after only a few hours, someone had already sent her an invite to work. Unable to contain her happiness, she gloriously shared her experience to her mom-friends whom eventually, she had helped landed online jobs, too. Lending a helping hand comes naturally from Mommy MK, as she was fondly called. Her heart is filled with so much joy whenever she sees the results of the help she provided to hundreds of moms asking for guidance from her. After basking in the glory of her life-changing experience on landing an online job that turns now into her full-time career, she thought of other moms who were in the same shoes as her before. Being a mom herself, she definitely understands the struggles of making both ends meet and at the same time taking care of their growing family. Not to mention the pressure and expectations that the society has given to women- be a good mom and a career woman at the same time.

And that led her to create the support group via FB which she named Filipina Homebased Moms, a community catering to Filipina moms who wishes to have home-based jobs as well. She offers training, webinars, and engagement. and other events that will inspire our mothers to continue pursuing their goals.

As the group grows, so does its heart. FHMoms envisions building a nationwide community of empowered Filipina mothers. MK wants to reach as far as she can and find those mothers waiting for her.

Every day, more mothers have been helped by FHMoms to find online jobs. Every day, new ones join the group hoping to find an online job.

As of writing, the community now has more than 190,000 members. Whatever FHMOMS is right now, its success is because of a lot of moms who have the same vision and mission in life, and that is to extend help to each other to be a Wondermom in a world full of chaos and problems. Each and everyone serves as an inspiration and advisers to all the members of this group.

Let us change the world, one mom at a time.


6 Ways on How to Improve your Visibility on LinkedIn

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Over the past years, home-based jobs Philippines’ opportunities continue to rise, making more Filipinos want to work from home and be with their families. But, what can you do to be found by clients? Where do you start looking for freelancing jobs online? Well, LinkedIn is the answer. 

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals where you can find jobs and be found by your skills. Do you know that by getting more profile views on LinkedIn, you can land your dream home based job? But how can you do this? How do you improve your visibility on Linked so hiring companies and clients will find you? 

Let me share with you my 6 proven ways on how to improve your visibility on LinkedIn based on my own experience.

1. Use a Professional Headshot

Did you know that using a professional photo makes you nine times more likely to receive a connection request and your profile 21 times more likely to be viewed according to LinkedIn?

Your photo is the first thing that other users will see and that makes your LinkedIn headshot matters. Use a non-distracting background as much as possible – white background never goes wrong. Set your profile photo visibility to ‘public’.

2. Add your Skills

Are you highly skilled in digital marketing or social media? Show it off! The more skills you list on your LinkedIn profile, the more chances you are to get “found” by other users that are searching for the particular skills you have.

3. Endorse connections for Skills they have

When you endorse your friends, you are already doing them a favor, and most likely they will reciprocate it. This makes you get skills endorsement in the process. This will make your profile more attractive and improve your visibility on LinkedIn based on your particular skills.

4. Ask for Recommendations

To increase your Linkedin profile views, seek recommendations from your trusted colleagues that know you and are familiar with your work. Message them and ask recommendations directly. This adds credibility to your profile and lets you improve your visibility on Linkedin knowing that people have some good things to say about you and your work.

5. Craft your Professional Summary

Keep it short and sweet. Home-based jobs the Philippines is booming, and your profile summary can give you an edge if done correctly. Make sure to write in the first person and be conversational yet professional since you are talking to your target clients or audience. This section should tell something about what you do and what you are looking for. Carefully doing this adds to your Linkedin visibility too.

6. Browse the ‘People You May Know’ list

To have more connections and be visible to target clients, it would be helpful to browse the ‘People You May Know’ list. This is LinkedIn’s search engine where you can see people whom you already know or have mutual connections. Browse this daily and add as many people that you have mutual connections with. The more your connections increases, the more you appear to a higher number of people. This is one of the best ways to get more views on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a helpful and powerful tool for professionals, we just need to know how to use it to its full potential. So, stop ignoring your profile. Follow these proven ways on how to improve your visibility on LinkedIn, and you will surely be one of those freelancers to enjoy home-based jobs Philippines’ opportunities in no time. Start attracting opportunities and use LinkedIn now. You can do it!


After earning her Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Communication, Nica Chesca Soriano received a crash-course in motherhood. She is a Wondermom to her two beloved kids. It certainly isn’t always easy, she couldn’t be more in love with her job as a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), working as a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant to foreign and local clients while taking care of the lil ones. Somehow, she managed to do some DIY stuff and finds time to read and write!

How to Start an eBay Dropshipping Business

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Every employee has been dreaming of being the one on the opposite side. And everyone always thought of just getting enough money for business capital to startup even just a small business – and that’s how I think too.

I have been working for 11 years now and almost 3 years as an Online Freelancer, I have no idea of how things work in this kind of industry — Home-based Jobs. Since I am not a newbie in business or online business, I already thought of dropshipping. I knew it while scrolling on Social Media and I fell in love with it. I joined a lot of groups and read articles about it and every time I saw success stories from known people of dropshipping my heart beats fast. Why? Because of dreams and excitement, dreams for my family and hoping to help others on the side.

I guess God heard my heart beating and He gave me a gift. I was hired as an eBay Account Worker to a Dropshipping Company. They are handling lots of eBay accounts for sellers from all over the world. And it became my stepping stone to the business side of being a freelancer. To make the story short, I learned almost everything from that company about eBay.

Let me give you a step by step procedure on how to start your eBay Dropshipping Business but before that let me give you the definition of Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

In short, the seller from the website you got your items will be the one sending it to your buyer. Great right?

First, you need to sign up to eBay Philippines. They need documents like Identification Cards and Statement of Account for Verification.

Some sellers use eBay Monitoring Programs like DSM Tool, Yaballe, AutoDS and many more. They used monitoring programs because it will be easier to list and manage a store.

Once your account has been verified and your ready to list some items. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of eBay, also their rules and regulations. This will prevent your account from being restricted or suspended.

Next thing you need to do is choose a website you’re using to dropship items. You can use Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, AliExpress and many more. If you want to sell in the US, you might want to consider getting your items from Amazon US or any website that can deliver to the US as fast as 2-3days or better if they have next day delivery.

For pricing, you can use this website:

After that, you can now look for the items you want to sell in the websites you want your items to be dropshipped. Some sellers use different styles and applications in doing market research or product research. I use Zik Analytics for product research. Let me go ahead and give you the meaning of product research using my own words. 

Product research is simply searching for the most sellable item in a particular country or place at a certain time.

The last but not the least is making sure you have the right settings for your store. Read carefully and I know you will not be lost.

And Viola, welcome to eBay Seller, enjoy selling!

These are lists of Applications and links for your reference.


Benesa Tabliga Corton has been working for 11 years now and she is a work-at-home mom for almost three years.

Co-working Space Feature – Happy Hive

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Who run the world? GIRLS! 

This is specifically true with Happy Hive Solutions, Inc. Founded in June 2017, Happy Hive was created to help other professionals and startup companies who are having a hard time navigating through the rough waters of entrepreneurship, business formation, and administrative functions to sustain the business.

“Happy” embodies the culture and atmosphere that they want to foster both for employees and clients; while the term “Hive” was derived from the concept of a beehive where bees intrinsically work alongside to contribute to the survival of the colony.

We all know how awkward it is when to be outside and our child starts throwing tantrums. We just can’t control those judgmental stares, can we? What we love about Happy Hive is that it is parent-friendly. Yes, you read that right! You don’t have to worry about leaving your kids at home because you can tag them along. Isn’t that awesome?

We got to interview Mommy Reena Lebanan, one of the owners of the Happy Hive Solutions, to learn more about their space and why you should try them out.

1. What inspired you to start Happy Hive?

“The inspiration came from the idea that we, as mothers, shouldn’t be made to choose between career and family, simply because we could do both at the same time. It may be difficult, but it can be done with the right attitude and an understanding community, it is possible.

Another spark was the thought that other professionals and startup companies within our circle had no idea where to ask for help or how to sustain their businesses with regards to support services. Combining the two driving forces, the five women behind Happy Hive agreed to start a company where inclusivity, open-mindedness, and transparency will foster and grow.”

2. How did you get the background and skills necessary to run the Happy Hive?

“The combined skills, background, and experience of each team member of Happy Hive makes it easier to run the company. Architectural design and construction, financial management, research and library science, administrative management are some of the background of the women of Happy Hive.

But of course, we have the best teacher around – experience! Nothing beats doing something and knowing that you could do better this time around because you already have almost the same experience before.”

3. What are the biggest challenges you had when starting the Happy Hive?

“The most challenging part for us was wearing different hats to sustain the company. Aside from our main services, we are also the community managers of the coworking space. With limited resources, we sometimes have to do things on our own and this makes time management and organization tricky. Fortunately, having great team members makes everything easier.”

4. How many are you in the Happy Hive team?

“Happy Hive is composed of six women with different backgrounds and roles in the company. One is our consultant and has a full-time job as a financial manager of another company. There are two registered architects (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, two members who have a background in Library and Information Science (Chief Operating Officer and Administrative Officer), and one with a background in commerce and management (Chief Administrative Officer).”

5. In case of power outage and internet interruption, how do you keep your business running?

“In case of power outage, we set up a backup light source (candles, emergency lights) and we have a backup internet also. Most of the time, coworkers wait it out ‘til the electricity comes back so they could work comfortably with air-conditioning, proper lighting, and fast internet.”

6. Whom do you seek advice from for your business?

“We seek advice from different entities and people. For legal matters, we go to lawyer friends, for financial matters, we seek advice from relatives who have strong background in finance and investment. It depends on what information and advice we need. There are times we talk it out amongst ourselves to give each other advices within the team. We are avid readers so whenever we need some advice, we also refer to credible articles and books.”

7. Why do think your customers select you over your competitors?

“Customers select us because we have competitive pricing and we have created a culture of inclusion, open-mindedness, and transparency. They go back not only for the amenities, but also for the people in the community who have grown accustomed to working with each other harmoniously with a sense of camaraderie.”

Thank you, Mommy Reena for giving us more insight about Happy Hive Solutions! We are pleased to learn that there is a coworking space that is 100% mom and child-friendly. More power to you!

Visit for more details about their contact info, pricing and location.


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