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Harms in Using Computers and What to Do About It


Based on a recent study by market research group Nielsen, American adults spend more than 11 hours per day in computer watching, reading, listening or simply interacting with media.

If this is the average time spent on a regular adult individual, how much more if this is your bread and butter. 

So, let’s try to look at the possible work-related injuries due to excessive screen time: 

  1. Eye 

Symptoms such as eye fatigue, dryness, irritation, blurry vision, headaches, eye strain, and discomfort can be caused by radiation from the computer screen and exposure to blue light.

      2. Neck 

The faulty posture called “Forward Head Posture” in layman’s term is the “Reading Neck”, where the head is positioned in front of the body. Our neck muscles are forced to adapt in the faulty position which can result in muscle spasm and worst, nerve problem which can cause numbness or tingling sensation radiating to the arm and hands.

      3. Back

The slouch position or any faulty position may leave our back at risk. Anatomically speaking, the neck and back are connected through the spine with the nerves inside and the muscle outside for stabilization. Therefore, when the neck starts to feel any discomfort or pain, the mid and lower back will follow with the same symptoms while the numbness and tingling sensation will radiate to the legs and feet.

      4. Wrist and Hand

Nowadays, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is commonly heard because it is commonly felt. Its signs and symptoms include numbness, tingling sensation, and pain in the thumb and first three fingers of the hand; pain and burning sensation that radiates up the arm, wrist pain at night and eventually weakness of hand muscles.

What can we do about it? 

  1. Try to make your work-station ergonomically friendly.  
  2. Rest periods in between just like your bladder break.
  3. Walk around your work station.
  4. Do some home exercise for the neck, shoulders, arms, wrist, and hand, back, and legs. There a lot of exercises that can found on google and youtube. Make it a habit.
  5. Consult your doctor if you feel that the signs and symptoms are persistent or getting worst which hinders your productivity.



FHMoms Goes to Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum 2020


The freelancing community had a substantial kick off this year. Aspiring and successful business owners and freelance professionals gathered for a day in Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City last January 11, 2020. With over 20 speakers – it was a celebration of knowledge and inspiration!

Photo by FHMoms Momber Jenny Solmeo

It was an 8-hour event with lots of activities while learning. The event was spearheaded by Manila Workshops and Taxumo. They invited guests to share their stories and inspire our aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. We have our FHMoms Mombers who joined and witnessed our community founder shared her 15-minute talk. 

Photos by FHMoms Mombers Jenny Solmeo, Dianne Gregorio and Elena Mendoza

FHMoms Founder, MK Betulfo specifically targeted the moms from the audience. She tackled the pressure women face as they juggle everything at once. Society demands Pinay moms to be a hands-on mom and an ideal wife while striving for their career. She also discussed the struggle of transitioning into the freelancing industry wherein aspirants experience fears. Then she shared her road to success and how to work on it every single day. 

Photo by FHMoms Momber Elena Mendoza

Aside from FHMoms Founder, MK Bertulfo, EFF 2020 also have these wonderful speakers:

  • Ginger Arboleda – Founder and CEO, Manila Workshops
  • RJ Ledesma – President, Mercato Centrale Philippines
  • Joyce Pring – TV & Radio Personality / Entrepreneur
  • Prim Paypon – Executive Director, The Incubator at AIM
  • Aiza King – Founder, Graphic Artists of the Philippines
  • EJ Arboleda – Founder and CEO, Taxumo
  • Joyce Talag – Professional Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator
  • Ben Alderson – CEO, Appsell
  • Maria Katrina Manalo – CEO, Dezynspace
  • Rosstyn Fallorina – Senior Program Development Lead, QBO
  • Genesis Reonico – Digital Agency Adviser
  • Francis Edward Guintu – Managing Partner, Virtua Outsourcing Solutions
  • Teresa Dumadag – Founder and President, Full Life Cube Publishing and Events
  • Jocs Pantastico – Founder and CEO, Olivia
  • Neil Reichl – Founder, BottBott
  • Liberty Baldovino – Founder, The Youthful Granny Writing Solutions
  • Jason Dulay – Founder, VABootcamp
  • Nina Mendoza – Facebook Advertising Strategist
  • Ann Kristine Peñaredondo – Podcast Host, Pin to Top

It was indeed a fruitful day. They hope that they have served their purpose. Look out for events like this, it is worth it. 


Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms) is the first and the biggest parenting and freelancing group for Pinay moms in the Philippines. It is created by a Filipina mother with the mission to help fellow parents, mothers especially, to find jobs suitable to their lifestyle through freelancing.


Why Personal Branding is Important to Freelancers


Are you a seasoned freelancer who want to level up your career in the virtual world? Or a newbie who would like to start your journey on the right path? 

We all know, freelancing is our road to freedom. But how do we do it if we still act and feel like an employee? 

Before we dig in deep why Personal Branding is a must to freelancers. Let’s define first what Personal Branding and Freelancers are. 

“Freelancing is a chance to do great work, a ticket to freedom, a school that trains you to become truly responsible, and a way to make a living by making a difference.” – Seth Godin

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. It is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization. Personal branding often involves the application of one’s name to various products. 


freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. They are sometimes represented by a company that resells freelance labor to clients. While others work independently and use professional associations or websites to get work. They are often called Virtual Assistants, Self- Employed or Entrepreneurs.

Personal Branding is Important to Freelancers

If you have been doing freelancing services for a while now, you might understand why personal branding matters. You are a brand. The service/s that you offer is/are your product/s. 

Of course, you would like to be remembered as someone who could impact the industry you are working with or targeting if you are just starting out. It is best to be an expert in a specific field. Rather than a “Jack of all trade, master of none.” That is why niching down is one of the ways to be a successful freelancer. It makes you more valuable, in-demand and can offer services at a higher rate.  

But how do we begin doing it? Let’s start with two important aspects of building your personal brand.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Freelancing is far, far different from being an employee. You get to choose the work that you want and passionate about. Many times, you have the free will to work any time and anywhere. As long as you deliver it on time, you are good to go. So, why think and act like an employee? 

Think, Feel and Act like an Entrepreneur instead. Remember, you are no longer an employee who works for a company. You are the boss of your Virtual Assistance Services. You get to decide what is good for you. Who and how you can help a company or business owner that you are working with.

To note: An employee is working for a company. Whereas, a Freelancer is working with a company. You are a partner in their success. Hope that makes sense.

Define Who You Are

A company has its own mission and vision, goals, product and services. So does you. Now that you are an Entrepreneur, you should have a clear definition of:

  • Who you are? 
  • What do you do?
  • How you do it?
  • To whom you do it?
  • What is your mission?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your goal?
  • What services do you offer?

These are essential questions you might want to ask yourself before starting to dig deep in Personal Branding. You must have a clear definition of yourself. The WH questions will help you be better on your niche, industry and the company that you are partnering with. 

There’s no other way to do it than to start from within. Continuous learning and upskilling is one of the keys. But constant knowing your whys’ and keep tracking of yourself matters the most.


Personal Branding is more of the colors, themes, fonts and boards that you use. It is a crystal clear definition of you as a brand, the services that you offer as a Freelancer/Virtual Assistant. 

Sit, reflect and start building your personal brand now! – AQuins


Aileen Quintos is a Pinterest/Social Media Manager and Content Creator. She creates content from design, graphics to articles, blog posts and copywriting. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and authors be HEARD, be SEEN and get LEADS in the virtual world by being the voice of their brand and marketing its YOUniqueness. 

She is also a City Encourager of Filipina Home-based Moms (FHMOMS), the biggest freelancing community dedicated to Pinay moms. Her mission is to give back to heaven’s sent opportunity by supporting and empowering fellow moms in their freelancing journey.

But, the title she adores most is the Best Mom Ever! And she couldn’t say more, than… “Having a balanced life is priceless.”


Reasons Why You Need To Choose Your Niche As a Freelancer


There are probably thousands of home-based jobs in the Philippines. However, with those jobs comes stiff competition from all over. While it’s tempting to learn a lot of skills and be a jack of all trades, it is more sensible to find and decide on your niche early on.

Let me give you three (3) reasons why.

You can position yourself as an expert in a specific area

Imagine yourself having a blurred vision for three days now. You’re having trouble doing tasks and desperately need help. Would you go to a doctor who practices general medicine or to an ophthalmologist?

Clients are the same way. They have distinct needs and pain points. If you could narrow down your skillset and provide excellent service with what you have, clients are going to recognize you as an authority. You’d be their go-to person for that particular job.

Let’s say you want to work as a social media manager. Social media is still a very broad industry. But if you become a Facebook Ads specialist or a Pinterest marketer, it shows potential clients that this must be something you’re really good at. And everybody wants an expert on their team, right?

You’ll attract clients who need your services

Now, when you’re known for your skillset, it would be a lot easier for clients to find you. Your resume appears more professional too.

It is like having a well-thought ad that targets a specific audience. You take on jobs that build your portfolio, make you highly specialized, and more sought after.

You’ll work less but get paid higher

So, consider working as a social media marketer. Your client has five social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. You would have to come up with engaging content for all those platforms, schedule them and track the outcome of your marketing efforts.

But if you concentrate on one platform such as Instagram, you could offer your services at a premium rate. You’d be an Instagram Ads specialist. You wouldn’t need to create so much content too.

Overall, you could say specialists get the lion’s share in the freelancing world. Trying to cater to everybody is bound to hurt your career in the long run. Pick a skill and be so good at it that clients would happily pay a lot of money for your services.

So, have you thought of a niche?


Mommy Madz De Leon

Mommy Madz is a health professional turned parenting and lifestyle blogger at She enjoys crocheting, doing yoga and learning foreign languages during her free time.



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2019 is a buzzing year for the FHMOMS community especially to the team behind each mileage.

FHMOMS was blessed with the unwavering support from the growing number of its members; the Facebook Page Group has over 165,000 members across the globe while the Facebook Community Page has more than 75,000 followers. With the tireless effort of its Founder, MK Bertulfo, FHMOMS achieved remarkable advancement in the following:

  • Media Mileage – recently, FHMOMS is being featured in various radio shows, podcasts, blogs and magazines, and TV shows. 
  • Networks and Collaborations – 2019 has brought the community opportunities to widen connections. Invites from different events and collaborations out-poured.
  • Engagement Activities – it was also observed that FHMOMS went an extra mile on engaging its community members to various nationwide events and activities. This includes but not limited to online training, face-to-face training, expos, conferences, talks, exhibits, charity works, meet-ups, online raffles, online polls, and many more. 
  • Technology – this year, FHMOMS also explored the possibility of developing apps and using tools to make our programs easier and better. This still on the process, it is good that we already have begun.
  • Funding and Business Partnerships – with the effort of our Founder, MK Bertulfo, FHMOMS participated in renowned competitions that support startup businesses. All these competitions, FHMOMS was a finalist.
  • Endorsements – with various products reaching out for endorsements, FHMOMS learned to screen the products that would reflect the community’s culture and perspective.

Having said all these achievements, Founder MK Bertulfo planned to culminate FHMOMS’ prosperous year with a productive yet fun event. With the help of volunteer mombers, FHMOMS’ core team, and the sponsors the party was a success!

FHMOMS Trainers with Founder and CEO, MK Bertulfo
Minor and Major Sponsors and event exhibitors

The celebration was held in Max’s Restaurant in Sucat, Parañaque City. It was attended by an overwhelming more than 700 people, which almost doubled the expected number of guests.

“No event is perfect.”

While the program included panel discussions, talks, games, raffles, exhibits, and activities for kids, FHMOMS encountered major mishaps. It seems impossible to accommodate all the attendees who conquered the terrible traffic that day just to share the celebration with the community. There were issues with registration, loot bags, seats, food, venue space, parking, etc. Despite all these, the organizing team carried on with the event and made everything even more fun with the appearance of Elsa and Anna, numerous raffle prizes, crazy games, informative talks, and inspiring panel discussions. 

Activities in FHMOMS’ Coachella Year End Party 2019.
Click for more photos here.
Activities in FHMOMS’ Coachella Year End Party 2019.
Click for more photos here.

One of the highlights of that day is when the CEO of MFT Group, Mica Tan, came and gave the community a tremendous gift of Php500,000 [read article here].

FHMOMS Received P500,000 Grant from MFT CEO Mica Tan.
Read article here.

It was such an exhausting day, yet it did not change the happiness and fun experience everyone has shared on that event. It is a celebration of effort, determination, love, and support, everyone has invested throughout the year. Sure it was not perfect, we learn from this event, and we promise to have a much bigger and better celebration next year!

FHMOMS is sending virtual hugs to the organizing team, to the sponsors, to the guests, to the attendees, and of course to our community Founder, MK Bertulfo. Let us wrap-up this year with a happy smile and a hopeful heart. 

Click for more photos here.
Click for more photos here.

Happy holidays everyone!


Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms) is the first and the biggest parenting and freelancing group for Pinay moms in the Philippines. It is created by a Filipina mother with the mission to help fellow parents, mothers especially, to find jobs suitable to their lifestyle through freelancing.


WeRemote Coworking Space


As the freelancing industry is booming and start-up businesses are on rapid growth, a well-conditioned space is also on-demand to suffice the needs of these creative minds. It is such an exciting feeling to be in picture-perfect interiors and be surrounded by different people but still be able to shoot up your productivity.

Young entrepreneurs and freelancers love to avail a coworking space due to these reasons:

  • Networking – Yes, you might be working with yourself but you’re not alone. You could widen your connections by meeting other creative people.
  • Diversity – It is fun to be in a room filled with random people but somewhat with the same goal in mind – to be great in what they are doing.
  • Cost-Efficient – Unlike renting your own office or building one, shared-office spaces are way cheaper. All you need to bring is yourself and your laptop and everything is set. All office amenities are readily available.
  • Flexibility – This gives you freedom on your work schedule and on the space you want to be in. No need to work around certain operating hours or someone else’s schedule.

Coworking spaces will best work for people who believe in creativity, collaboration, and diversity. This is a perfect way of going away from the traditional offices that usually bore young-minded employees. It is such a thrilling feeling to look forward to going to work every day because of the chances of meeting new interesting folks that might inspire you or change your perspectives. If you are a work-at-home mother, you might want to consider working for a few hours in these spaces. It will give you a break from the distractions at home that keeps you from focusing on your work. At the very least, these spaces provide a conducive workplace environment and for some time you will feel that you do not work alone.

As a start-up business for freelancers, we found a new coworking space that provides just what we needed. Introducing, WeRemote Coworking space. It is located in an accessible location at 2nd Floor Metrowalk Complex Meralco Ave. Pasig City. These are some of the amenities that you may enjoy:

  • Sleeping Quarters & Showers
  • Private Offices
  • BPO Stations
  • Hot Desks
  • Meeting rooms
  • Training/Event room
  • Lounges
  • Free Parking
  • PodCast studio
  • Photo Studio
  • Testing Room
  • Interview Rooms
  • Phone Booths
  • Pantry
  • Training Seminars and Events

Sure, there are more coworking spaces available and have been established long before. What makes WeRemote stand out is the fact that they have seen what improvements other spaces need and they put it on their own. Since they are new, all amenities are not yet worn out. They have complete facilities that may not be available in your old coworking space. Another exciting service that they offer is the Shared Services for Human Resources, Recruitment, Payroll, and Accounting usually for startup companies. For those who will avail the membership package, discounts and perks are just overwhelming. You will get unlimited refreshments and access to the key facilities: Lounge, Game Room, Sleeping Quarters, Onsite Clinic, Shower use, Lockers, Kitchen and Pantry privileges, and Printers and Scanners. Needless to say, the internet connection is accessible.

With all that, can’t you be more inspired to work?


Management Tips for Work at Home Mom

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Working at home offers many benefits over working outside the home, but it doesn’t eliminate the need to use time efficiently.

In fact, because working at home has more distractions, time management strategies are essential to success.

Here are a few tips that help me manage my time while working from home with little ones.

Know Your Family’s Rhythms

When designing your day, consider both your peak work hours and your children’s needs to find a focused work time. My peak work hours are before lunch. Once I eat lunch, I’m ready for a nap. So, I schedule the work that requires the most mental energy before lunch and saves the work that doesn’t require too much focus for the afternoon. Fortunately, when my kids were little, they were in sync with me because they could entertain themselves well in the mornings, but by afternoon, they needed more attention.

Schedule time to work, and then really work.

While one of the benefits of working at home is flexibility, the reality is that routine is crucial to working effectively and efficiently. 

Yes, you can take time away from work to care for a sick child when needed, but you can’t expect to earn a full-time home-based income during nap time.

Schedules give you and your children structure and routine. Everyone knows what’s going on and what will happen next. 

Unlike traditional jobs, working at home situations allow you to design a schedule around the family, so you can work an hour or two before the kids are up, an hour at nap time and two hours after bedtime if that works best for your family. In my case, I worked until 1 p.m. and then I spent the afternoon with the kids, returning to work in the evening by 9 pm while the kids are asleep.

Identify daily time wasters; try to eliminate. Shut off social media, emails, and texts. We all have them. Maybe it’s the TV, the cell phone, or email. What do you get distracted by? Identify these items and make sure to eliminate them as best as you can.

I have learned that if I want to get anything done, I need to turn my phone into silent mode or turn off the television and just play music on my Spotify account. 

Use Systems and Tools

Streamline your work by finding ways to limit the time they take. For example, schedule social media posts, so you can set it and forget it.

Web-based tools such as Dropbox make information, idea, and document storage fast, easy and accessible from several digital devices.

Voice recognition software (standard with Windows) can allow you to give voice commands such as “Open Word” and dictate documents, email, and even online search. You may use Lastpass for Passwords

Google Calendar for the schedule of appointments, reminders, meetings or events of kid’s school activities

Create a designated area for work and play. 

This is so important. I used to work from the dining room table but found I was disorganized and would get more distracted.

Find a place in your home where you can create a workplace. It could be as simple as a small corner tucked away in your bedroom {like I have} or maybe one room dedicated to your work.

Make time for the kids. 

It’s so easy when you work from home to always be thinking about deadlines, emails you need to respond to, posts that need to be written and calls that need to be made.

Trying to work with little kids around is not easy, especially if they feel they are being ignored. I always try to set aside time in my day {morning, mid-day and after dinner} to turn everything off and just be with the kids.

We play, color, read books, and even dance around the kitchen. Then when it’s time to work, they’ve usually had their “mom” fill and are happy to play by themselves.

Set up a time to review their lessons or homework or review them before the examination. 

Most importantly spend time with kids outside the home like buying groceries and spend little time to eat together or go to church on Sundays.

Get Help

No rule says children, spouses or hired hands can’t help a mom out. Hire a student or older woman to watch your kids a few hours a day to get focused uninterrupted work time. 

Ask the kids and your spouse to help with housework or hire someone to come in a clean.  Schedule your laundry and have them done in laundry shops. 

If you don’t have time to cook, you can call and have your favorite foods delivered at your doorstep.  Or you can get a virtual assistant to take care of busy work like social media, email, and PR. 

Reward yourself! 

Mothers have a hard job, no matter if you work out of the house, in the home or do a little of both. We need to stop every once in a while, step back and realize all that we accomplish in a day. It’s pretty incredible if you think about it.

We deserve a nice reward every once in a while to help relax and rejuvenate ourselves. It can be simply picking up a book we’ve been meaning to read, getting a nice pedicure, taking a long hot bath or maybe buying ourselves a new outfit. 

Whatever it is, don’t forget to pamper yourself.


Joan Layson is a Virtual Assistant and a mom from Iloilo. She’s been helping clients from Australia and UK with Bookkeeping and other admin task.


Common Online Job Scams and How to Avoid Them


Imagine how frustrating it is when you are looking for work to support you or your family, and you fall victim to scammers. While some home-based workers easily spot scams, how can you, a newbie, avoid falling for these online job scams? What are the signs that a scammer is just out to get your money? Read on if you are looking for home-based jobs in the Philippines and want to avoid falling for scammers.

Types of Online Jobs Scams

Many job boards have sprouted over the years, providing home-based workers an avenue where they can choose which job to apply to from the comforts of their own home. Applying to home-based jobs have become more interesting and convenient than office-based jobs. At the same time, scammers have seen this as a way to deceive unknowing people and rob them of their money.

The types of online job scams depend on the purpose of the scammers. Some want to get your cash, some want to get personal details for identity theft, and some want you to pay for goods or services. You will see these fake job postings on job boards and forums such as Craigslist,, Facebook and Upwork, among others. Be smart enough to be aware of which online job scams to avoid. Avoid falling for these work from home online job frauds by making sure to check the legitimacy of the job offer and the person offering the job before applying.

What are the warning signs that a particular job post is a scam? Here are some:

  • You are asked to purchase goods or services before being hired or as a requisite to being hired.
  • You are asked to make a “one-time” payment or fee in exchange for being hired.
  • You are asked to provide personal details that legit clients would never ask from you, such as a photo of your passport, Social Security number, driver’s license number, and credit card information.
  • You are asked to pay for training.
  • You are asked to download a software or to receive money to pay to a third party.
  • You are offered ridiculously big money for a very easy task.

If you see any of these signs in a job listing, do not apply. Be wise when reading job posts and do not send in your application just because the job seems too good to be true. To help you avoid these online job scams, remember to do the following:

1. You are paid to work. Therefore, avoid job postings that offer a ridiculous amount of money in exchange for doing nothing or little work.

2. Do your part and research. If you are not familiar with the company or it sounds fishy, research about it if it’s legit.

3. Look for red flags. These include job postings that have glaring grammatical errors or using a free email address (such as or

While it may seem tempting to send in your application for home-based jobs that offer a high salary, it pays to be wise and to recognize online job scams right away. Be aware of the types of these scams and know how to avoid them so you can find the job that is right for you.


Kristine Joy Aquino is a wife and a mom for 11 years and a writer and editor/proofreader for the past 12 years. She has planted the seed of her career in writing novels and academic papers and ebooks, and that soon branched out to editing manuscripts, which she came to love doing. Her mantra: every day presents a chance to learn new things and skills, no matter how difficult. She prides herself on being a strong woman, able to face life challenges head-on, with a few bruises here and there that would always remind her of all she’s been through. 


10 Tips on How to Ace Your Online Interviews

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Like every job seeker, online freelancers also go through the process of interviews. I, as a work at home mom, have been into countless of online interviews over the past 5 years. Thanks to technology, home-based jobs Philippines have been booming. Whether it’s a video or a chat type of online interview, preparation is the key to nail it. I know you’re looking for ways on how to ace your online interviews. Here, let me share with you my ten easy tips.

1. Tech Check

Test all your equipment before your online interview. Secure your internet’s reliability as well as your microphone and camera. Ready these things to avoid troubles.

2. Be Yourself

Clients want to know the real you before advancing you to the next round. Be natural and be yourself. Stay calm, listen carefully and focus on your goal.

3. Do your Homework

To ace your online interviews, you must be confident with your answers. Research about the job and you will surely be ready for any questions you might get.

4. Make a Script

Interviewers like to ask about yourself and reasons you should be hired, practice answering these potential online interview questions and make a script so you will be guided. You can memorize your script or post it in front of your computer to simply glance at it during your online interview.

5. Be Punctual

Don’t be late. You should all be set thirty minutes before the actual interview. Punctuality makes a good impression since this also determines if the person is really responsible enough to commit on time.

6. Grammar is Life

Wrong grammar is a big NO for all kinds of interviews and that includes your online interview for a job. There are thousands of home-based jobs Philippines’ opportunities and having good grammar can be your edge.

7. Do Mock Interview

Have someone to do an online interview practice with you. Seek help from people who you trust and record the mock interview to evaluate yourself.

8. Posture

Sit straight, maintain eye contact by looking at the webcam. Don’t slouch, yawn, or fidget.

9. Dress for Success

Wear appropriate attire. Most of the time, a smart casual look is okay for a video interview.

10. Location Matters

Have a  plain white background. If that’s not possible, use a plain white cloth to cover it. Avoid any noise, plus your camera should see from your waist up.

Now that you know how to ace your online interviews, all you need to do is relax and trust yourself that you can do it. I know you got this! Home-based jobs Philippines will continue to rise and I’m hoping that more Filipinos will take the opportunity to work from home to be with their families. Continue honing your skills and the opportunity will find its way to you. Make sure to combine it with confidence, then you’re all set! It works for me, it shall work for you, too! Best of luck!


After earning her Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Communication, Nica Chesca Soriano received a crash-course in motherhood. She is a Wondermom to her two beloved kids. It certainly isn’t always easy, she couldn’t be more in love with her job as a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), working as a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant to foreign and local clients while taking care of the lil ones. Somehow, she managed to do some DIY stuff and finds time to read and write!


6 Ways on How to Improve your Visibility on LinkedIn

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Over the past years, home-based jobs Philippines’ opportunities continue to rise, making more Filipinos want to work from home and be with their families. But, what can you do to be found by clients? Where do you start looking for freelancing jobs online? Well, LinkedIn is the answer. 

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals where you can find jobs and be found by your skills. Do you know that by getting more profile views on LinkedIn, you can land your dream home based job? But how can you do this? How do you improve your visibility on Linked so hiring companies and clients will find you? 

Let me share with you my 6 proven ways on how to improve your visibility on LinkedIn based on my own experience.

1. Use a Professional Headshot

Did you know that using a professional photo makes you nine times more likely to receive a connection request and your profile 21 times more likely to be viewed according to LinkedIn?

Your photo is the first thing that other users will see and that makes your LinkedIn headshot matters. Use a non-distracting background as much as possible – white background never goes wrong. Set your profile photo visibility to ‘public’.

2. Add your Skills

Are you highly skilled in digital marketing or social media? Show it off! The more skills you list on your LinkedIn profile, the more chances you are to get “found” by other users that are searching for the particular skills you have.

3. Endorse connections for Skills they have

When you endorse your friends, you are already doing them a favor, and most likely they will reciprocate it. This makes you get skills endorsement in the process. This will make your profile more attractive and improve your visibility on LinkedIn based on your particular skills.

4. Ask for Recommendations

To increase your Linkedin profile views, seek recommendations from your trusted colleagues that know you and are familiar with your work. Message them and ask recommendations directly. This adds credibility to your profile and lets you improve your visibility on Linkedin knowing that people have some good things to say about you and your work.

5. Craft your Professional Summary

Keep it short and sweet. Home-based jobs the Philippines is booming, and your profile summary can give you an edge if done correctly. Make sure to write in the first person and be conversational yet professional since you are talking to your target clients or audience. This section should tell something about what you do and what you are looking for. Carefully doing this adds to your Linkedin visibility too.

6. Browse the ‘People You May Know’ list

To have more connections and be visible to target clients, it would be helpful to browse the ‘People You May Know’ list. This is LinkedIn’s search engine where you can see people whom you already know or have mutual connections. Browse this daily and add as many people that you have mutual connections with. The more your connections increases, the more you appear to a higher number of people. This is one of the best ways to get more views on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a helpful and powerful tool for professionals, we just need to know how to use it to its full potential. So, stop ignoring your profile. Follow these proven ways on how to improve your visibility on LinkedIn, and you will surely be one of those freelancers to enjoy home-based jobs Philippines’ opportunities in no time. Start attracting opportunities and use LinkedIn now. You can do it!


After earning her Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Communication, Nica Chesca Soriano received a crash-course in motherhood. She is a Wondermom to her two beloved kids. It certainly isn’t always easy, she couldn’t be more in love with her job as a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), working as a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant to foreign and local clients while taking care of the lil ones. Somehow, she managed to do some DIY stuff and finds time to read and write!

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