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Being a WAHM gives you a long list of works within the day. House chores, watching your kids, and working online can consume your time the whole day. At this rainy season, waiting for the sun to come out might slip your mind and just waste a burst of good sunshine for your clothes. We, Pinay moms value the smell of our laundry as much as its cleanliness. It is important that our family’s clothes do not have a “kulob” smell.

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A dirty washing machine can contribute to the smell of your laundry. Make sure to clean your machine after every use and leave is open for some time to let it dry.

Tediously remove the stains of your clothes. Dirty clothes can spread bacteria to your other garments if not washed properly.

Do this as many as possible until you wring out all the soap from your clothes.

During rainy season, we have no choice but to dry our clothes indoors. If there are windows, leave it open to let some air circulate and give your clothes at least a good ventilation.

Of all fabcons available, Downy proved its quality over the years. Use DOWNY EXPERT KONTRA KULOB to prevent your clothes from smelling terrible.

DOWNY EXPERT KONTRA KULOB is our miracle all year long. Our garment will be fresher than ever even without the sun. With this solution, #KabogAngKulob!

There you go lovely WAHMs. No more waiting, no more “kulob”!

Working Remote Philippines 2019: The Biggest Summit for Filipino Remote Workers

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Australian money transfer and payment solutions provider, PayStaff, is hosting the Working Remote Philippines 2019. The conference, which will be held on September 13 and 14, 2019 at SMX Aura Premier, is slated to be the Philippines’ biggest summit for Filipino remote workers and freelancers.

Freelancing and remote working continues to be a striving industry in the Philippines. As of 2018, the Philippines is named one of the countries with the highest number of freelancers per capita. There are around 1.5 million Filipino freelancers, which is about 2% of the entire population. The numbers are expected to grow further as more Filipinos take interest in working remotely from the comforts of their homes. 

Working Remote Philippines 2019 aims to gather top experts from the freelancing industry, both local and international. In doing so, the summit hopes to provide inspiration and resources for both experienced and aspiring freelancers. 

With the knowledge and insights from the speakers, attendees will learn what they need to jumpstart their career and explore remote work opportunities that will help them generate better income and achieve work-life balance.

Some of the local speakers are LinkedIn trainer and consultant Virginia Bautista, Filipina Homebased Moms founder Maria Korina (Mommy MK) Bertulfo, Freelance Movement Tribe founder John Pagulayan, and Social Media Academy founder Nix Eniego.

Meanwhile, the roster of foreign speakers includes Remote Staff CEO and founder Chris Jankulovski, Outbounders founder James Sundance, and Lean and Kaizen consultant Mike Grogan, among several others.

As a premier payment solutions provider that caters to Australian businesses with Filipino remote staff, PayStaff has partnered with organizations that share the same belief and confidence in Filipino freelance talents. Among the event’s sponsors are Remote Staff,, VB Consulting, ALLCARE, and Great Work Online, to name a few.

Tickets for the Working Remote Philippines 2019 are now for sale with prices starting at just P1950.00 for a group of five attendees. Discounted early bird tickets are also available until July 31, 2019.  

To buy tickets and get more information about the event and speakers, visit

About PayStaff
PayStaff Pty. Ltd. is an Australian payment solutions provider that exclusively caters to Australian small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs who employ freelance and remote staff in the Philippines. It was founded by Filipina-Australian Rica Jankulovski. PayStaff itself is composed of high-performance freelancers based in the Philippines. Visit to learn more.

Working Remote Philippines 2019
September 13 to 14, 2019
SMX Convention Center Aura
Function Rooms 1 and 2
3rd and 4th Levels, SM Aura Premier, 26th Street
Corner, 1630 McKinley Pkwy, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines
Buy Tickets:

For inquiries, contact:

About Working Remote

Working Remote is the Biggest Remote Working Summit in the Philippines. Learn from both local and international speakers packed in a 2-day summit.

perks of online freelancing

The 5 Perks of Online Freelancing


Online Freelancing is becoming popular over the years. More and more people are switching from a typical corporate job to online freelancing.

It is interesting to note that several employees are now getting frustrated and/or stagnated with their full-time jobs. No career growth, having little time to spend with their families and not being able to work on their own terms are some of the common employee complaints.

If you or someone you know is feeling the same way, online freelancing might be one alternative to a work lifestyle that you can think about. 

What Is Online Freelancing?

Online freelancing means working on a computer via the internet for one or more companies at different times instead of being employed by a single company.

What Are The Benefits of Online Freelancing?

  1. Freedom to choose projects and clients

They are free to set their own terms when choosing the projects they would want to work on. Freelancing makes it easier for anyone to choose the type of work that is aligned to their own interests, passions, and values.

  1. Freedom to work anywhere

Freelancers are given the privilege to work anytime from anywhere around the globe as long as they submit their deliverables on time. They can either work part-time, full-time or on per project basis.

  1. More opportunities to earn more

Being an online freelancer gives anyone the privilege to secure clients from anywhere in the world. The internet has helped break the barriers and everyone is now given the opportunity to use their skills beyond geography.

  1. Career growth

Since freelancers can easily manage their own time, they also now have the opportunity to upskill i.e. to learn new tools and platforms anytime they want and monetize this knowledge in return. As they’d say, “Learners are earners”.

  1. Spending more quality time with family

Freelancing gives you the freedom to managing your time according to your family dynamics. This is also one of the top reasons why many corporate moms are now transitioning into freelancing moms.

Are you already a freelancer? If not, do you have plans of becoming one soon? What “freelancing” perks are you most excited to have? Are there any others not yet included in this list? Do share them in the comments below.


About the Author

Belle Prado

Belle Prado is a tech-savvy geek who transitioned herself into becoming a Work-At-Home-Mom after 17 years of working in the corporate world as a Systems Specialist. She says that becoming a WAHM has always been one of the best decisions she’s ever made since aside from spending more quality time with her family, it gave her the time and freedom to pursue her other passions – music, baking, writing and personal development. It also allowed her to explore the world of entrepreneurship and is now enjoying the rollercoaster ride in running two businesses: Social Belle PH (digital marketing service provider) and Three Marys Cakes (customized cakes supplier). This made her realize that she’s a multipotentialite after all! She also finds time to pour out her heart and soul via her personal gratitude blog, Enlightened Filipina Mom -- her way of glorifying the one true source of all these blessings.

Local and International Support Groups for Freelancers on Facebook

Local and International Support Groups for Freelancers on Facebook


I bet you’ve heard about Home-based Jobs Philippines and it’s not your first time to read an article like this. Well, you better keep reading my friend because I’m not going to give you stories of rainbows and unicorns of freelancing, but the key to keeping you going.

Now, you might be wondering if there are online support groups for freelancers.

Let’s celebrate! There are a lot! And I’m not only talking about local support groups here in the Philippines but even International ones.

And while Facebook is one of the most commonly used social platforms for everyone’s “leisure”, it is also the most accessible place to find Local and International support groups for freelancers.

There are a lot of groups where you can do self-promotion, seek advice, ask questions and even look for a potential market. Not only that, Facebook groups give instant support and feedback.

Here’s a list of local and international support groups on Facebook you can check out yourself and join.

Freelancers Facebook Local Support Group in the Philippines

  • Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS)

    One of the biggest and leading online support groups for Pinay moms. This group empowers women and aim to help Filipina moms learn skills, gain confidence and land their dream job while taking care of their family at home.

  • Freelancers in the Philippines (FLiP) by Jason Dulay

    This group’s goal is to share best practices both personal and professional, answer queries and questions, and to be of help to one another in achieving goals. They also offer free and paid trainings for both working and aspiring freelancers.

  • Online Filipino Freelancers

    They have their website to visit and check if you’re not a Facebook person. Their aim is to provide a dynamic and fun community for online Filipino workers and everybody is encouraged to speak their minds, share insights and is expected to help each other. Like Filipina Homebased Moms, you can also read a lot of success stories and freelancing tips from this group. 

  • Blogapalooza Influencer Community

    If you love writing or an aspiring blogger, this group will give you more opportunity to learn more. They organize annual meetups and social gatherings. A great opportunity to learn from experienced bloggers and social media influencers regarding this field.

  • Search Engine Optimization Philippines

    If you’re planning to learn and have a career in SEO, this group is for you. They share tips and guides to optimize your website so you’ll rank in search engines.

  • Freelancers Hub Philippines

    This is a community for learning, support, work opportunities and collaboration for Filipino freelancers of different fields.


Freelancers International Support Group on Facebook

  • Living the Laptop Life

    A Group for Online Service Providers + Marketers – This is a lifestyle and business community for online service providers, all kinds of marketers, virtual assistants and even entrepreneurs, hosted by Julie Stoian.

  • Freelance to Freedom Project Community

    A very supportive and encouraging group to its members, packed with “Special Days”. A great place to connect with other freelancers worldwide.

  • Virtual Assistant Savvies

    An International group that aims to build a community support system to all VA’s and aspiring ones. If you are already a Virtual Assistant who aims to zoom your business and the service you provide, this group suits you perfectly. With their very good support system to answer your questions, it is surely less of a hassle. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to collaborate with the other VA’s.

  • Freelancers Hub

    A community to build connections, especially in creative and web industries.

There you have it! Your list of local and international support groups. These are just some of the many credible groups you’ll find online. Feel free to scan these support groups and you’ll surely find more that will match your taste and needs.These communities are heaven-sent to all freelancers and aspiring ones. And for those who are losing hope with their journey to having a home-based job here’s my favorite quote from Stephen Covey,

“ Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”

So keep going. Keep inspiring.

About the Author

Shei has been an ESL Teacher, Speech and Accent Instructor, a Bibliophile, the so-called General Household Manager, a Wife and a Mother. To spend and bond with her kids, they do arts and crafts together, do storytelling, watch movies, play, and eat chocolates. Though she’s a mother, she never forgets that she is also a wife and believes that couples should never forget to keep their spark. A Montessori Advocate who believes that learning is never ending through books, surroundings, and experiences. Teaching is her way to learn and Writing is her escape from her busy life. What motivates her to always strive and do better in life is her desire to inspire. She reminds herself of these words “To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before; you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.”

The Invisible Cape of a Parent and Freelancer

The Invisible Cape of a Parent and Homebased Freelancer


"Everybody needs an idol, somebody to try to live up to,"  

- Stan Lee (Marvel Comics)  

 As a Filipina Homebased Moms member, Maria Korina Bertulfo is like a hero to the moms she empowers to earn while taking care of the family.

As a mom looking for a home-based job in the Philippines, I googled the most influential names today in the freelancing industry who balances parenthood and freelancing.  Let's get to know their side hustles.

Home-based Freelancers to follow in the Philippines


John Pagulayan 

The founder of Freelance Movement Tribe. He transitioned from a low-income blogger to a 7-figured email copywriter.  The biggest challenge for him was removing his own limiting beliefs.

Julian Canita

Known as the FB Ads Superstar with 100 clients and coached 500 students, this dad confirmed that he lives, eat, sleep and breathe Facebook Ads.

Lish Aquino

Amazonation is the brainchild of the Amazon Queen last 2018. This mom is a coach for Filipino Amazon FBA Sellers and Amazon Virtual Assistants.

CJ Cajoles

CJ is the founder of the Online Filipino Freelancers group in 2015. She also led the OFFCON2018 which featured prominent coaches and speakers from e-commerce and advocates of financial literacy. This supermom of three boys is like many women who turned to home-based jobs after an important milestone: having a child.

Marvin de Leon

Marvin makes the Filipino Freelancer a champion through his blog (, his podcast (Freelance Blend Podcast), and his thriving community, Freelance Blenders. Already 5 years since Freelance Blend was established, he continues his mission to help the Filipinos learn about home-based jobs in the Philippines.

Allan Ngo

At the age of 25, he had "Quarter Life Crisis". He left the corporate job and pursued freelancing. Realizing there is little money as a blogger, he upgraded it with the right way to sell using emails and storytelling. Using his platform,, this dad now coaches people on his email marketing boot camp.

Jon Orana

Jon is the founder of Negosyo University. He started freelancing as a web designer. Then came his lowest point. His janitorial job after his business failed and became bankrupt led him to his self-discovery. This dad now coaches on a business plan that guides safely the transition from employment to entrepreneurship.

Melissa Profeta

Melissa is a co-founder of Social Media Academy along with Nix Eniego. This mom keeps her hand busy as a PR specialist along with writing gigs at BuzzFeed, Influencive and the Good Men Project.

Jane Martinito

She creates winning websites while being a mom to her beautiful daughter.  One of her biggest breaks was landing at the #31 spot on Linked in for Top 47 Filipino Professionals on LinkedIn by Marketing Asia.

Ginger Arboleda

Ginger is the beautiful face behind Taxumo, a tech start-up that helps freelancers and professionals prepare, file and pay their taxes. She is also a professional blogger and writes about her journey as a mom and entrepreneur.

These moms and dads wear invisible capes while balancing parenthood and freelancing. Now, whose path do you want to follow as a home-based job in the Philippines expert? Excited to know who's on your list too.

About the Author

Diovelyn Diaz

Diovelyn Diaz is a mom of two girls and an ambivert who blogs about her freelancing journey via her Facebook page called About D Blog. Meeting and collaborating with her fellow FHMombers are among the things she loves about freelancing. 

Different Non-voice Online Jobs Perfect for Moms

Different Non-voice Online Jobs Perfect for Moms


Working remotely proves to be in-demand and way cheaper for an employer in terms of manpower cost. It also offers a lot of perks and benefits in a global phenomenon with more companies embracing “remote teams”. (WOW!!) :O

So now, I’ve decided to cite some (or more) of the most sought after non-voice online jobs in the Philippines that is way perfect for mommies (like me) who, I know, want to work from the comfort of their homes and newbie friendly fields.

OK,  here we go.

Data Entry

This job covers most of the work from encoding written files/images and other formats to document file, excel, or Spreadsheet. Clerical and other secretarial duties can also be part of this service. Many freelancers find data entry to be their gateway to freelancing.


I think of writers as "expressionist workers" since they use their own point of view in creating a masterpiece. This can be part time, full time, or even flexible home-based job. As long as you can deliver the work on time, you are good to go.


Transcription is one of the in-demand services nowadays. It is generally converting video or audio files into written reports. I used to work as a transcriptionist before and it is definitely a good option for moms who prefer non-voice online jobs. Who doesn’t love movies? [eehhh-guilty me] Transcription can be done to movies, meetings, conferences, calls and voice recordings (for medical related audios).

Graphic Design

Woohoo! Hands-up for those who luckily have the talent for this field. In this industry, images, typography and/or motion graphics are assembled to create a masterpiece primarily for publishing. The common projects a graphic designer does include but not limited to brochures, ads, magazines, corporate reports, social media posts, and infographics.

Chat/Email Support

An email or chat support is simply a person who receives and answers inquiries through email or chats. They are expected to provide quality instructions and or responses to be able to satisfy a customer’s needs thru Customer Relationship Management (CRM) communication in a real-time manner by using instant messaging (IM) apps or programs.

Community Management/SMM

To connect efficiently with customers, every business that has social media accounts need a community manager or social media manager. A community manager creates and implements social media campaigns. They plan the best communication strategies and respond to comments and queries in a timely manner.

Content/Email Marketing

Email marketing mainly focuses on creating, publishing and distributing contents for a targeted audience. The content should be quality, interesting and relevant to the business and needs to be visually appealing. The next time you receive an email from your subscription, think about the email marketers.

Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a personal assistant who works remotely. There are different types of virtual assistants depending on the client's field of business. One can either be an E-commerce, Real Estate, Influencer, and Blogger's virtual assistant.

ESL Teaching (chat based)

Shout out to Cambly, one of the most known companies that offer non-voice ESL jobs. It is newbie-friendly, perfect for the inexperienced. If you are a bit shy in showing off your face and are getting a lot of mental block in front of the camera, this can be for you. ESL teaching can be for both associate and college graduates. What's beautiful about it is it raises awareness of equality in race, religions, ages and physical conditions. As long as you can deliver a good quality of work then no one and nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

There you have it, our Non-voice online jobs perfect for moms. Now it's your turn - prepare your resume, browse the net and apply! Who knows, your next job might just be waiting for you online. Don’t forget to SMILE, it helps boost your confidence and attracts positive vibes and energy.

Remember, this is not just for you but also for your loved ones.

About the Author

Bernadette dela Cruz

​Bernadette Dela Cruz is a dedicated single mom with experience as a hands-on personal ally. She's a social media handler/moderator, transcriptionist, digital support, softball and baseball statistician/scorekeeper and chat-based appointment setter. Bernadette is an aspiring work-at-home freelancer who helps clients juggle and finish multiple tasks from basics, intermediate, to advanced level.

Is Online Freelancing For Me?

Is Online Freelancing For Me?


The advent of technology brought a lot of changes to each of us and to society as a whole. One of the biggest impact technology has made is the way it changed the employment landscape. And the birth of Online Freelancing is the new kind of job market.

What do I mean by Online Freelancing?

Years ago our parents worked in offices, schools, stores or even abroad. Today, most of them still do. However, a significant percentage of the labor force including some of us in the group now work within the comforts of their homes or even bedrooms. They do not have to go through the hassle of commuting to and from work or deciding what to wear during work days. They are whom we call as the online freelancers doing freelancing jobs at the comfort of their homes.

How do Online Freelancing works?

Online freelancers mostly get jobs from online employment websites or through referrals. The concept of online freelancing is very enticing. This type of employment allows one to work at home and still squeeze in doing house chores or taking care of the children. Majority of the freelancers are paid in dollars.

Today, online freelancing is becoming more popular and enticing. Before we join the bandwagon though, let us take a look at what it takes to be an online freelancer. And ask ourselves...

Is Online Freelancing for me?

Generally, to be an effective freelancer one must have the following:

  1. The commitment to deliver the needs of the Client accurately and per schedule, if not ahead. This will go a long way for this will establish one’s dependability which makes the Client retain or extend the service;
  2. Aspiring freelancers must have the confidence as to his or her ability to deliver the needs of the Client and the willingness to learn in case the task is something new or unfamiliar; and
  3. A freelancer must have the tools needed for the execution of the job. The most basic would be a reliable internet connection (at least 3mbps), a desktop computer or laptop (RAM of at least 3GB) a backup internet connection in cases of a power outage and for some jobs that require call handling, a noise-canceling headset.
  4. Proficiency of the English language is an edge, but of course, this can be learned along the way. There are also a lot of helpful tools online that one can tap to be effective in the field.


With all that I have mentioned above, I am now contemplating if online freelancing is for me? I believe it is high time for me to create my resumè and start applying for an online job. The world of online freelancing is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry. It takes a lot of determination to acquire and level up our skills. It needs dedication especially if a freelancer’s life also revolves around one’s family-but with the perks that come with it, surely it is worth a try.

About the Author

Lourdesita Dessa Aradillos

Lourdesita Dessa Aradillos A mother of 6 kids... Law graduate.. Previously worked with the government and private sector as well as the BPO industry. Currently contemplating whether to start a business or join the online freelance industry

How to become a work at home mom

How To Become a Work-at-Home Mom


To earn while at the comfort of my home is what I thought to be only a dream. I was unsure if there’s any work from home available. Then, I came across home-based jobs in the Philippines while searching on Google.

At first, I was clueless about it. Then, I found out that there are also many Facebook groups talking about home-based jobs, freelancing, freelance, and etc.. That’s when I realized they are all the same. I told myself that my search is over! Or so I thought?

I started to do more research about home-based jobs on Google and YouTube and that’s how my journey as a work at home lady began. I came to realize that there are many home-based jobs accessible.

If you are a mom who’s working at the corporate industry, overseas worker, or a stay-at-home mom and wants to venture in home-based jobs, here are 

Tips on how to become a work-at-home mom

1. Be prepared

This is a very basic requirement that I ignored at the beginning. I was not emotionally and psychologically prepared with the difficulties of being a work-at-home.

2. Learn the required Skills

Home-based jobs are not typical office work wherein there are people who will help. To fit in, I enrolled in online courses that I wanted and also I kept on searching online for more information.

3. Prepare the Necessary Equipment

You buy your own laptop, headset, table, and chair in order to start working. Additionally, contact the most reliable internet service provider in your area so you can apply for a postpaid plan and not have to worry about it anymore. Ask around the neighborhood so you know which ISP is the most reliable in your location.

4. Prepare Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio

Just like applying for a job in a corporate set-up, these should be ready. These are your gateway to be shortlisted, if not accepted for the job. Visit the Filipina Homebased Moms group and page for more tips and advice on how to create a resume and cover letter that stand out.

5. Start Applying

I started applying by creating my account in platforms like, LinkedIn, Livingston, and the like. Make sure to complete your profile and take applicable tests to boost your chances of getting hired.

6. Don’t forget to keep on learning.

When I decided to work-at-home, it was hard. I had no idea how to start my journey as a work at home mom. I was at my verge of giving up and depression is starting to kick in. But I took the difficulties as a challenge to improve myself. The steps above helped me a lot to gain more knowledge and grow better.

Now that you have everything you need to start, do not forget to take a lot of courage. Some freelancers are lucky to get a client right away but this is not true for everyone. If you fail at first, do not lose hope. Keep on trying and you will soon find the client that's meant for you.

About the Author

Rosebelle Dario is a Marketing graduate. She worked at the government for a year then worked overseas for 7 years.  After coming back to the Philippines, she became an English as a Second Language tutor. Since writing is her passion, she took an online writing course and now she’s enjoying the perks of being a freelance writer. 

The Pros and Cons of Being a Work at Home Mom (As Told By a WAHM)

The Pros and Cons of Being a Work at Home Mom (As Told By a WAHM)


Working from home has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Because of that, more and more Filipinos want to have a homebased job. That includes moms like us who want to have more time with our loved ones and be present in children's formative years.

Thus, more mommies are having the courage to ditch their 9 to 5 office work. Support groups on social media are popping out to help work at home moms. One of the biggest is the Filipina Homebased Moms. This group's advocacy is to help aspiring Filipina moms to land a home-based job.

Here are the reasons why working at home is the best decision you will make. And the drawbacks you might face if you finally dip your toes to the wonderful life of freelancing.

Pros of Being a Work at Home Mom

  • No More Commute

Ah! My personal favorite! No more traffic to face. You won’t experience the long lines of waiting to ride public transportation to get to your workplace. Additionally, no need to wake up 2 hours in advance just to be at work. Pajamas all day? No problem!

  • More time to spend with the kids 

You may not have unlimited time with your precious one as you need to work on your daily tasks but you get to see them frequently throughout the day. You get to be part of their daily routines, watch them play (and play with them as well during your breaks!). Get to see them build habits and be there as they transform from childhood to adolescence. 

  • Flexible Schedule

You get to work at your own preferred time. Need to do some errands in the afternoon while the kids are in school? Off you go!

Are you a night owl and prefer to work when the kids are already asleep? Or are you an early riser and wants to work in the wee hours of the morning before the household gets crazy of bustling activities? Because of your flexible sched, you have total control of your time as long as you get things done work-wise.

  • Save Money 

When you work at home, you get to save money for transportation and childcare costs (if you have a nanny to take care of your kid while working). Save money on clothes (no more formal attire, dress down all week long, YAY!) and food. Yes! Food. No fancy lunch for you. You get to eat healthy food straight from the kitchen. You gotta DIY, mama.

  • Personal Growth and Sense of Control

As long as you know how to manage your time, you get to enjoy other things that you weren’t able to do while you are working in the office. You have the total power to change your destiny. Do you want to try a new career path that you’ve been putting off for quite some time? It’s time to do it.

In freelancing, you are the boss. You get to grow as you move forward. And you have the control to maintain or increase your income.


Cons of a Work at Home Mom

Now that you’ve read the advantages of being a work at home mom, I have compiled some of the issues I have faced when I started my home-based career.

  • Distractions

It is easy to get distracted. Your precious one might throw tantrums to get your attention, for instance. And even though we love to spend time with them, we committed to provide good results to our clients, so we need to focus on our tasks as well.

Therefore, it is best to set aside a place just for work once you start your home-based career. Set a home office where there’s a minimal distraction. Where you can set boundaries from the rest of the gang. I know some mommies that work anywhere in the house and manage to get things done. Kudos to them! However, it is still best to have a quiet permanent place in the house where you can go when you need to talk to your clients without being disturbed.

  • Poor Healthy Habits

With the pantry just within reach, it is easy to lose track of what we eat. And when you work night shifts, that hunger pangs hit you every hour.

Maintain a scheduled break when eating snacks. Above all, be conscious of our eating habits. As the light of the household and you need to stay healthy for you and your family.

  • Isolation

Juggling work, tending the kids and the household could take up a lot of your time. As a result, you may feel disconnected as you feel you don’t even have a minute to socialize. This is one of the possible downsides of working at home.

Sure, you are not alone at home. But you need to get out from time to time. Have meaningful adult conversations with friends, meet new people by attending events, and be part of a community. In other words, build connections with a fellow WAHM who understands you most.


If you are an aspiring freelancer, you now have some insights on what to expect if you take a leap of faith and start your home-based career as a WAHM.

For those moms who are already working at home, what are the advantages and disadvantages you have experienced of a having a home-based job in the Philippines that made an impact on your life?

About the Author

Rhea Acuña is a WAHM for more than five years now. She started as a General Virtual Assistant and have vast experiences in different industries. Currently, she is working as an E-Commerce Virtual Assistant and is a Digital Marketing enthusiast. She loves to read during her free time, attend events that will help her personal growth and be part of a community where she can be with empowered and like-minded women.

How to Find that Niche for your Home-Based Job

How to Find that Niche for your Home-Based Job


As a newbie in the industry of online freelancing in the Philippines, finding your niche is difficult.

If you’re like me who has been a stay at home mom for a long time, it might be challenging at first. It feels like are skills are somehow rusted and our self-confidence decreased over time. As well as, we unnoticed locked-up our skills and talents in a treasure chest when we chose to specialize ourselves to be a super Mom.

But cheer up!

You’re not the only one who had that predicament. All you have to do is to reflect on yourself. Remember the things you can do before and start on what you know.

What is a niche?

In Cambridge Dictionary it says: Niche is a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially the one that you like. It’s where you are the best fitted. Also, can make a good impression and make you fruitful to your chosen field.

Why do you need to know your niche?

Niche will be your path to the road of success. It is your key to enjoy and love the home-based job more and more. Though a niche is not a starter pack, it might be a process to figure out.

Maybe someone might help you to find yours. Or you can diligently search in Google and Youtube. Even by joining support groups will help you to find your niche.

Tips on how to find your niche

Know what you can do. Start on what you know in search of a home-based job.

  • List down your skills.
  • If you’re a college graduate, you can start with what you studied. If not, for sure deep inside you there are certain fields that suit you. Because everyone has special talents that have given to us, that’s why we are all unique in our own ways.
  • Recall all the things you do before. If you're good at writing or art projects start from it.
  • Be diligent in knowing yourself.

Know what you really love to do in finding your niche.

  • Love what you do, do what you love! Knowing it will definitely make your way easy because it will not make you get tired of what you are doing. It will also help you to battle struggles that might come your way.
  • So list down at list top 3 things and figure out what you love most.

Finding your niche is understanding your strength and weaknesses.

  • List them and make your weakness your strength. Because knowing them will shape you to be an expert on that field. It will also lead you to what you are passionate about. Understanding this phase matter most because we can be the best that we want to be when we acknowledge and embrace our flaws and improve it.

Know the circle of your niche.

  • Why you have to know this? It's because once you know what your niche is, you need to look on who might help you improve it and be at your best. So build and get a circle that might help you and motivates you.

Remember, you should never stop learning and challenging yourself. Try something new and don't be afraid. Furthermore, unfull your cup and always make room in learning.

About the Author

Doreen Ramos, an enthusiast to learn more. A self-appointed Financial Manager and the beast in the house when angry. Nevertheless, she's always a loving wife and mother. She started as a Virtual Assistant in mid-October 2017. Currently, she works as an e-commerce Virtual Assistant of a British client. She believes everything can be learned as long as you have the grit to do it.


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