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The WAH-life of a PWD Parent

Freelancing , Parenting

Alexandre, good morning my little man, Did you sleep well? Do you want your milk now? Then he runs back to his bed. He buries himself under all his pillows. This is our typical morning routine. 

Opting to have a home-based job in the Philippines is, if not the best, a great decision that I made. The career change was not that easy and it was life-changing. This is an extra challenge to a PWD parent like me.

It’s been 1 year and 7 months. I think I was already aware of what’s going on, but I had to make it official from a Developmental Pediatrician. When we were called back to the doctor’s office and she delivered the news, I went numb. The feeling when you get dumped with ice-cold water, that’s what I felt. Learning that you have a Special child is scary and humbling.

There was no time to think what went wrong, whose genes it came from, our goal at that moment was to start intervention ASAP. Other than the financial matter, my husband and I got worried about our time management. I was still working a night shift Team Lead in my previous company. I realized the more I talk about my special child, the easier the load it is for me.

I started tinkering with the idea to search for a home-based job in the Philippines. Resigning from the corporate world was a breeze for me. I felt a gush of fear because I was entering a world of the unknown to me. Shuffling between job-hunting on-line, and therapy sessions I was overwhelmed. Not knowing where to start and consider the fact that the interventions we have are uninterrupted.

After a month of applying and interviews, I was hired. Fist-bump! I am now a Virtual Assistant for a US company. Luckily, my client himself had personal challenges. He has ADD. He understands what I am going through as a PWD parent. There were a few instances when my son would suddenly burst into the room with non-stop babbling. His meltdowns have trimmed down to at least twice a month, and it rarely clashes with work.

I know what some of you might be thinking, it’s just the same as your little one. I wish it were that simple. My child has no social skills. Even his siblings had difficulty interacting with him because he did not respond to his name. To avoid emotional disconnect, there is a constant reminder to my 2 girls that their brother is a special child. Happy that they do not see him as a competition.

All the adjustments that we made are paying off. We celebrate every milestone that he meets. When I say, “Mommy has to work, you be a good boy”, he stares and I don’t know if he understood all. He will get a toy he fancies that day, and jump non-stop on the bed. I guess that what he thinks being a good boy is.

PWD parents like me are lucky that there are home-based jobs in the Philippines that can work with our daily routine. I know that it will not be a breeze in the park. I know that we still have a long way to make him “normal”. Never lose hope. The roller coaster ride that is worth every minute. I’ve learned to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Venus Sambajon is a Pharmacist by Profession and was an entrepreneur at a young age. She left her 11-year career in the BPO industry when her son was diagnosed with Autism, it was not a hard decision to make. She joined Filipina Homebased Moms in mid-2018 and is now the Encourager for Makati City-Taguig-Pateros. She is laser-focused on what she wants to achieve as a freelancer and Autism-awareness advocate. As the Genuine Domestic Goddess, she wants to pay it forward to other moms and show them that work-life balance is achievable.

Why a WAHM should get a life and health insurance?

Freelancing , Parenting

Nowadays a lot of people are into online jobs and home-based jobs. I, for one, worked in a corporate world for almost 2 years but decided to work at home as suggested by my sister-in-law. As a working full-time mother of two, I need to get a higher salary. We needed to make ends meet. With bills to pay and debts to settle every payday is a struggle for us. But it hit me hard when my husband got sick and had to resign from work for almost a year which brought us to more bills and debts to pay. It was tiresome and I always tell myself I must not get sick and I don’t have a right to get sick.

My first experience with life insurance is when my co-parent invited me to buy a policy and to be an agent as well since she knows me so well that I am into all kinds of business.

Why WAHM should get a life and health insurance?

When I was young, I was always impulsive when it comes to money so I had to depend on my brother to keep my money and help me save. Now that we both have our families I realized how important it is to save money. My husband lives by the principle YOLO which is not practical when you have mouths to feed. We juggle with our jobs just to make ends meet and surprisingly we spend much more than we did 2 years ago. Now we realized that we need a direction and a plan to save not only for ourselves but for our kids’ future.


We need this to prepare for what is uncertain–DEATH

As home-based moms, we are prone to silent diseases that can lead to sudden death. I have heard hundreds of stories who suddenly lost their loved ones while staying at home. Such events are very alarming as the age group is going down each year. The cost of a funeral and burial cost a lot, and I don’t want my children to suffer financially at my death.

  • For our kids’ education

I am not from a well-off family but my father was very hardworking, Unfortunately, after his retirement, I lost my dad to cancer, and it brought our family to famine and my brothers and aunts were the ones who provided for our education. Being a home-based mother of two, It became my motivation to buy an educational plan for our kids.

  • To replace my husband’s income

As a partner, we housewives should manage the house and even our finances. I have to admit women are more patient than men. And If ever my husband would pass away I would have to replace his income.

  • To pay other expenses and debts

Variable insurance allows us to borrow the money we invested without canceling the policy.

Also, there is a term life insurance policy that will fit virtually every budget. It’s worth cutting an expense or two to make room for this all-important financial service.

  • Not enough money

If your budget is tightly stretched, it can be legitimately difficult to find money to pay for a life insurance premium. However, that should make you realize even more that if your household finances are tight while everyone is alive and well, it will be infinitely worse if one of you dies.

About the Author

Mariea Zel is a mother of two beautiful kids from Baguio City. She is a stay-at-home mom, a nurse, a teacher, a singer, a financial adviser and more..


Freelancing , Parenting

Being a WAHM gives you a long list of works within the day. House chores, watching your kids, and working online can consume your time the whole day. At this rainy season, waiting for the sun to come out might slip your mind and just waste a burst of good sunshine for your clothes. We, Pinay moms value the smell of our laundry as much as its cleanliness. It is important that our family’s clothes do not have a “kulob” smell.

GOOD NEWS, you do not have to wait for the sun to peek and pile up your dirty clothes! #DownyKontraKulob is now here to save us. Just follow these easy tips:

A dirty washing machine can contribute to the smell of your laundry. Make sure to clean your machine after every use and leave is open for some time to let it dry.

Tediously remove the stains of your clothes. Dirty clothes can spread bacteria to your other garments if not washed properly.

Do this as many as possible until you wring out all the soap from your clothes.

During rainy season, we have no choice but to dry our clothes indoors. If there are windows, leave it open to let some air circulate and give your clothes at least a good ventilation.

Of all fabcons available, Downy proved its quality over the years. Use DOWNY EXPERT KONTRA KULOB to prevent your clothes from smelling terrible.

DOWNY EXPERT KONTRA KULOB is our miracle all year long. Our garment will be fresher than ever even without the sun. With this solution, #KabogAngKulob!

There you go lovely WAHMs. No more waiting, no more “kulob”!

FHMom’s Guide to Being Gentle on FHKids

Featured , Parenting

You've got a deadline to hit, piles of laundry are waiting, the entire house is a mess, you're left at home with the kids and to make things work, HE'S THROWING A TANTRUM! How on earth would you gently deal with such a scene?

Before you lose your sanity, here's a list of simple FHMom's tips on being gentle with our FHKiddos.

Stay calm

Easier said than done but we all know the importance of staying calm when our kids are making a scene. Pause. Breath. Drink water. Go to the restroom to compose yourself if you have to. Additionally, try turning your back at your kid and count to ten if you can’t leave for a little while. That can help you cool down a little bit.

As grown-ups, we already know how dangerous it is to confront a situation when angry, especially when it comes to our kids. Yelling at them might not be the best route to take as it can traumatize our youngsters.

Never give in to the demands

Public tantrums often cause the parents to give in to minimize embarrassment. However, it's not the best route to take. When we give in to what the child wants they will continue to use that behavior as their means of controlling us. When outside, forget about what others say. Stay firm and tell him, "you are not going to get what you want by doing that."

When the tantrum is done at home, lucky you! You can ignore him until he is no longer acting like a mad cartoon character. 😀 And then when he is calmer, you can talk about the cause of the uproar.

Gently discuss the cause of the outburst

Do not underestimate a child's capability to understand an adult talk. Sit with him and let him explain the reason for the tantrum. Look at him in the eye as he talks, hear him out and explain your side later on. Then assure him with your love by giving him warm hugs and kisses.

Being gentle on our kids is our job. Being gentle on their hair and skin, on the other hand, isn't. When it comes to the gentle cleansing, we can trust Johnson's and Johnson's products to do the work. We may have used Johnson’s products as babies and toddlers which is why it's not surprising why most moms choose Johnson's and Johnson's. Be it lotion, shampoo, soap & bath soap, and oil, we trust that Johnson's products are gentle for our little ones.

Learn more about all the Johnson’s Baby Care Products by visiting

Meet the FHMOMS Babies

Featured , Parenting

​We all heard about virtual friends, virtual lovers, and virtual jobs. But virtual siblings? Um, is that even possible? Wait 'til you hear this story:

​Meet the FHMoms babies! Aren't they adorable? These cuties are the first FHMoms babies.

What made them virtual siblings? Their moms, Mommy Mary, Mommy April, and Mommy Nin. They were classmates during the FHMom's first-ever Hands-On Training. They got pregnant and got employed consecutively. Now talk about coincidence!

​FHMoms Hands-On Training

​With its goal to help determined Filipina moms land a home-based job, FHMoms started training aspiring freelancers in July 2017. Among the first students were Mary, April, and Nin.

Putting what they learned from the training into good use, these moms started updating their resumes and cover letters, and submitted their online applications. Their intense desire to get an online job plus the tips they got from the training gave them an edge from the all other applicants. Hence, they were hired just a few days after the training. 2017 must be a blessed year for them because they didn't just get one but two major life blessings - their babies and their jobs. Congratulations, Mommies!

​How are They After a Year of Working Home-based?

​Mommy Mary:
  1. How are you after a year of working-from-home? I feel great! Mas naging closer kami as a family since both of us are working from home, natututukan namin pareho ang mga bata at nasusubaybayan namin ang mga little milestones nila.
  2. How are you coping with WAHM-with-a-newborn life? It's hard at first, madaming adjustments especially sa time management at may 2 pang toddlers. Pero ngayon medyo umookey na ang set up namin ni hubby sa bahay. Nakakatuwa kasi super hands on kami sa kids since yayaless kami.
​Mommy April:
  1. How are you after a year of working-from-home? 
    So.. How am I after a year?? Well, I am great that I decided to leave the corporate world it may not be a happy story everyday since I still struggle from time to time wether it is about work or about family. But the good thing about it is I can work and at the same time I have plenty of time to spend with my family. I got to see my sons milestones and have quality time with my husband.

​Looking back on the years that I worked in the office where most of my times are spent on traveling to and from work, I am really grateful that I've learned about home base work because I still earn while staying at home and I can focus on our photography business.​

2. How are you coping with WAHM-with-a-newborn life? It is really a challenge having a newborn, specially it has been 10 years since my first born. I have to set a sleeping pattern for my baby since I am working night shift. I also have to adjust since I am breastfeeding my baby. Most days I only have few hours of sleep since my baby is awake during day time, I would be lucky to sleep 4hours straight in a day. It is a good thing that my husband is a hands-on Dad and he supports me in what I do. We also hire a help that would assist us in our day to day task specially if my husband and I have to tend to our business.

​Mommy Nin:
  1. How was your journey to becoming a WAHM?
    Just like most moms, galing din po ako sa pagiging call center night shift agent from different companies. Everytime na manganganak ako I have to resign problema kasi yung magaalaga ng bata. Last last year ko pa talaga binabalak o hoping na sana one day hindi ko na kelangan umalis ng bahay para magtrabaho o kumita ng pera. Ang sakit sa puso diba pag sinasabihan ka ng anak mo na wag ka ng pumasok alagaan nalang sya. Kaso nga kelangan mo kumita e.

Silent reader lang ako nung una e hanggang sa nakita ko yung post tungkol sa magic cover letter ni Madam MK, dun ako mas naging interesado, kasi kahit cover letter wala talaga akong ideya. Luckily nagprepare sila ng training (HOT SERIES 1) na timing ang place isang tricycle lang ang layo from me. Sinabi ko talaga sa sarili ko kelangan makaattend ako. Time na para gumawa ako ng paraan pano ko malalaman o masasagot lahat ng katanungan ko about working from home.

Until now, ang dami kong pending na interview. Apply lang ng apply mommies. Laking pasasalamat ko talaga at nameet ko yung mga tao na di nagdadalawang isip na tumulong.

​FHMoms Trainings Now

​Still true to its mission and vision, FHMoms just got better and better as time goes by! Currently, FHMoms now conduct online courses and on-site events such as Hands-On Training, Workshop, Meet up, Playdates, Fair, Bazaar and Parties. Along with that, we also have online training, apprenticeship programs, and live sessions.

​If you are looking for a group to help you jumpstart your work-at-home career, join our Filipina Homebased Moms group or visit our page to learn more about our advocacy!

How to Survive Working at Home with a Toddler

How to Survive Working at Home with a Toddler

Featured , Freelancing , Parenting

With the rise of virtual opportunities, more and more parents are embracing the bliss of earning without having to leave their family. You just can’t deny the many perks you can get from working at home!

Nonetheless, along with its advantages is the undeniable truth that it’s not always easy to work with kids around. Our little tots sometimes test our patience every time we sit to try to complete an important task. They don’t mean any harm, they just love us so much, they want our attention all the time. However, they also need to understand why we work.

It’s easy to hand them that phone or tablet to keep them company while you complete your deadline but there are other things you can do to turn your little ones into busy bees and give you that time to do your tasks. It’s a win-win for you and your kiddos!

FHMoms gives you a list of what you can do to survive working at home with a toddler:

1. Create an Indoor Activity Area

Our kids learn through play. Even though it looks like they are just making a mess, they benefit a lot from it. Create a little activity area at home where your child can play with his Lego and ClayDoh or do some coloring and writing. This will buy you time to do your job as you watch him from a distance.

2. Ask for help

As much as possible, we want to do things on our own. However, we must remember that there are people who care and are willing to help us. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your family to look after your little ones while you do your tasks.

If no one is around to help you out, see if you can hire a stay-out nanny to help you with your toddlers for a few hours. Nowadays, it’s easier to hire a stay-out than stay-in helpers.

3. Talk to your kids

Let’s not underestimate our toddlers – they can understand as long as we explain things to them. Tell them why you need to work and why you need to stay focused while you do your job. It will not happen overnight but with constant friendly reminders, they will soon get used to the set-up.

4. Make a fun deal

A little incentive offer won’t hurt! Have an activity set for your kids to complete and agree on an award if they finish their assignment. Talk to them about a prize they want to have – perhaps a toy or a happy meal?

5. Have your own “workplace”

Not to completely isolate yourself from the kids but the dining table is not a good area to work during the day! Designate a working space at home so when they see you sitting there, they know right off the bat that you need some time alone to finish your tasks.

Working from home is both a blessing and a challenge. It may not go smoothly right away but you’ll get there. Soon enough, you and your kids will get used to the work-at-home setting. After all, moms always find a way!


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