Characteristics of a Virtual Assistant that You Should Have


“Why should we hire you?”

Sounds familiar right? I heard it many times in almost all my interviews whether it’s in the corporate or in a home-based job. Whenever the interviewer starts asking me this question, I thought of all the good traits, skills and characteristics of mine that I know that can be an asset of the company. But way back 2 years ago, I was also someone like anybody else. I was struggling and questioning myself why I am not getting hired. Are my skills not enough? Are my experiences not a valid point to hire me? Many questions bombarded my mind and depression hits at its finest. I cried every single day and thinking I am not good. But I overcame everything and learned that working at home is not as easy as 1,2,3. I knew that working online is far different from working in an office. If you know you got the good traits in you then start trusting yourself.

Let me give you some characteristics I know that will help you land a job or clients are eyeing for.

Be a Manager of Your Own

In an office, there’s a manager that will push you to your limits or your best. But working at home, you are on your own. You have to set your own goals.

Be Resourceful

Being resourceful is a big plus for me. Why? Because when you are working online, there are times that circumstances will test you and you must find a way with or (always) without supervision.

Have Self-control

I guess this trait is not just in the home-based world but even outside. You must have this.

Be Trustworthy

Most clients leave tasks and checks on you every now and then.

Have Emotional Strength

This is an important characteristic for me. Working alone is sad and boring especially if you are doing the same thing every day. I read an article saying that most clients or employers are looking for this kind of employee. Because they will rather keep a person with this character than a rockstar but a toxic worker.

Be Prayerful

This must be the first thing we do as an individual. This will help us get through the day.

Be a Great Time Manager

As a mom, I know it’s very hard, but this is a must. So you can do your tasks at work, chores and manage to still cuddle and play with the kids from time to time.

Be Optimistic

With all the negative things surround us, be the light and be the one bringing the positive vibes. It helps especially with our clients or bosses.

I know you have a lot in mind that I missed, but for me, those are 8 must-have characteristics. Good luck and I hope you learned something from this. I pray that you land a job very soon. God bless you!

About the Author

Benesa Corton is a working at home for three years already. Her expertise are virtual assistance and social media advertising.


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