COVID-19 crisis: Earn Money While at Home


The Covid-19 crisis affects us from socializing with other people which may hinder us from going to work every day. This virus was declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) last March 11, 2020, because of the rise in the number of cases with 114 countries affected. 

Describing our current situation, WHO advises the public to avoid going out as much as possible and implement social distancing. Since the virus started, every country that suffers from it has taken major actions to contain the virus to spread more. A lot of us couldn’t go to work, stop businesses from operating, and put in place an enhanced community quarantine for every part of Luzon.

Luckily, I’ve started working from home last year and it’s such a blessing that I’ve found a full-time job last February. This is the perfect time to start working from home while you’re on leave from your corporate job or can’t go outside because of the Corona virus outbreak. Are you still second-guessing? Do you have a  lot of doubts? Here are some of the benefits of working from home:

  • Work from home gives you the opportunity to spend time with  your family.
  • Some work from home jobs offer flexible time
  • Avoid traffic and transportation expenses .
  • Make your own rules at your own home office
  • Earn dollars while working at home
  • Have more time for yourself to stay fit & be healthy
  • Get a chance to maximize your time and do some of the things you love!
  • Forget toxic work environment
  • Save more money
  • Wearing cozy clothes while working

So with all these crazy benefits of working from home, you will not just get a full-time job, but you can also prevent COVID-19. I know you might think it’s impossible to find a job or you  are hesitant because you don’t know where to start? This may sound too good to be true but let’s dive in and start the best decision you’ll ever make. Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to start working from home (PS: this will help you go up and running in no time!)

Prepare yourself by practicing the skills you want to showcase.

Start by listing all the jobs you’ve had before and what are the skills you think you could use in applying as a freelancer. Like me, I always put my sales and customer service experience whenever I apply as a CSR online or as a social media manager. It helps me to target the right job I want and focus on that skill. Always be true to your skills to avoid misunderstanding with your employers.

Follow the WERPM

WERPM means Work email, Resume, and Payment Method. These 3 things are very handy when it comes to starting out as a freelancer. Work email will help you keep things organized to get you on track of the job postings you applied. Resume, of course, this is a very important file that you give out in applications. 

Always be honest in every information you put in it and be relevant as much as possible. Lastly, the payment method for your salary. Whatever payment method you’re using, don’t forget to verify your account to avoid any payment delays or hold. Always put the same information you have on your Valid ID as well to confirm your identity and get verified.

Browse for freelancing website platforms. There’s a lot of platforms to start searching for the perfect client but I recommend focusing on the top 3 you prefer to apply. That way, you could get the chance to focus on those platforms that you think have a lot of job postings for you. These platforms are reliable so you can avoid getting scammed from other freelancing websites that you can’t trust. It’s still your discretion if you think the job you’re applying for on that website is legitimate or not.

  • This website is made to help every Filipino freelancer. It’s easy to navigate and doesn’t charge any fees every time you apply for a certain job post. They also have a built-in time tracker that you can download and use when you start working.
  • This platform is almost the same with  The goal of the platform is to remove the middle men or recruiters in hiring a virtual assistant. Their website is very easy to navigate and you can list all of the skills you have.
  • This website is formerly Elance-oDesk that started out many years ago when working at home was not yet taken into consideration by many Filipinos. They were rebranded last 2015 as Upwork. It is a very established website for freelancers.

Personalized cover letter for every job you will apply

For me, a cover letter is very crucial in applying. You don’t wanna overdo it and make it short, or put everything to impress and sell yourself out. There’s a very thin line between them that you might wanna experiment and send out to clients. 

Personally, what I do is make it not too short, use simple words, and sound conversational. Your client doesn’t want a generic email that you sent from every job application you applied. They want to read an email that’s direct to the point on how you could help them, what are the things you could do for them, and always sound like a friend that can help. How can you perfect these 3 things? Just by answering what your client needs and selling yourself in a professional way.

Follow up, Reply, Prepare for Interview

After you start applying on different freelancing platforms, it’s time to wait for their response. Now, here’s the client you’ve been waiting for. But you don’t know what to do. To get your dream client, you should gather enough courage to reply to his email as soon as possible and be present if you’re invited for an interview. 

If you don’t receive any emails from your job applications, don’t lose hope! Follow up with them and try elaborating on the stuff you think you could do for them. You could do some research about their business and ask what their plans are. That way, you’ll get their attention by letting them see that you care about their business.

Overall, applying for an online job will take a lot of effort but it’s surely worth it. Always trust your instinct whether the job post is legitimate or not. Never give any means of cash or free work just to get the job. A legitimate employer hires an online worker and pays them after the service was done or received. There’s a lot of work at home jobs out there so take your time to prepare yourself for that dream job you always wanted.

As the COVID-19 crisis gives us a lot of setbacks in our plans this year, this should not stop you from achieving your dreams. Start working from home to avoid COVID-19 and be safe with your family. There’s a lot of opportunities in the online world that all of us haven’t discovered yet. A lot of success stories from people and fellow moms will inspire us to strive to get better. It’s a matter of your time and effort to learn and join the fast-paced community of the digital world.


Maria Annika Rodil is a Social Media Manager and a wondermom of 3 kids. Born and raised in Metro Manila, Annika never lost her passion in writing. She loves to share her ideas & thoughts through social media that led her in the freelancing industry. She loves to write short stories and share it with her friends. She lives in Biñan City and works in the Digital Marketing Industry handling clients that are focused on service-based business.


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