Different Non-voice Online Jobs Perfect for Moms


Different Non-voice Online Jobs Perfect for Moms
Working remotely proves to be in-demand and way cheaper for an employer in terms of manpower cost. It also offers a lot of perks and benefits in a global phenomenon with more companies embracing “remote teams”. (WOW!!) :O So now, I’ve decided to cite some (or more) of the most sought after non-voice online jobs in the Philippines that is way perfect for mommies (like me) who, I know, want to work from the comfort of their homes and newbie friendly fields. OK,  here we go.

Data Entry

This job covers most of the work from encoding written files/images and other formats to document file, excel, or Spreadsheet. Clerical and other secretarial duties can also be part of this service. Many freelancers find data entry to be their gateway to freelancing.


I think of writers as "expressionist workers" since they use their own point of view in creating a masterpiece. This can be part time, full time, or even flexible home-based job. As long as you can deliver the work on time, you are good to go.


Transcription is one of the in-demand services nowadays. It is generally converting video or audio files into written reports. I used to work as a transcriptionist before and it is definitely a good option for moms who prefer non-voice online jobs. Who doesn’t love movies? [eehhh-guilty me] Transcription can be done to movies, meetings, conferences, calls and voice recordings (for medical related audios).

Graphic Design

Woohoo! Hands-up for those who luckily have the talent for this field. In this industry, images, typography and/or motion graphics are assembled to create a masterpiece primarily for publishing. The common projects a graphic designer does include but not limited to brochures, ads, magazines, corporate reports, social media posts, and infographics.

Chat/Email Support

An email or chat support is simply a person who receives and answers inquiries through email or chats. They are expected to provide quality instructions and or responses to be able to satisfy a customer’s needs thru Customer Relationship Management (CRM) communication in a real-time manner by using instant messaging (IM) apps or programs.

Community Management/SMM

To connect efficiently with customers, every business that has social media accounts need a community manager or social media manager. A community manager creates and implements social media campaigns. They plan the best communication strategies and respond to comments and queries in a timely manner.

Content/Email Marketing

Email marketing mainly focuses on creating, publishing and distributing contents for a targeted audience. The content should be quality, interesting and relevant to the business and needs to be visually appealing. The next time you receive an email from your subscription, think about the email marketers.

Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a personal assistant who works remotely. There are different types of virtual assistants depending on the client's field of business. One can either be an E-commerce, Real Estate, Influencer, and Blogger's virtual assistant.

ESL Teaching (chat based)

Shout out to Cambly, one of the most known companies that offer non-voice ESL jobs. It is newbie-friendly, perfect for the inexperienced. If you are a bit shy in showing off your face and are getting a lot of mental block in front of the camera, this can be for you. ESL teaching can be for both associate and college graduates. What's beautiful about it is it raises awareness of equality in race, religions, ages and physical conditions. As long as you can deliver a good quality of work then no one and nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. There you have it, our Non-voice online jobs perfect for moms. Now it's your turn - prepare your resume, browse the net and apply! Who knows, your next job might just be waiting for you online. Don’t forget to SMILE, it helps boost your confidence and attracts positive vibes and energy. Remember, this is not just for you but also for your loved ones.

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Bernadette dela Cruz

​Bernadette Dela Cruz is a dedicated single mom with experience as a hands-on personal ally. She's a social media handler/moderator, transcriptionist, digital support, softball and baseball statistician/scorekeeper and chat-based appointment setter. Bernadette is an aspiring work-at-home freelancer who helps clients juggle and finish multiple tasks from basics, intermediate, to advanced level.


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