E-learning Platform Revealed!


The level-up for our learning center is now coming!

FHMoms Learning Center has been running for almost three (3) years. We have taken advantage of the features of any available tools we used. However, as the community grows and as the courses continuously develop, demand for centralization of processes increased.

Our wait is now over, FHMoms met another start-up company that provides an e-learning platform, PCI Tech. The team has been working for months in developing the platform that will fit the needs of our instructors and students. This platform is designed by moms and made for moms.

FHMoms Team platform on-boarding meeting with PCI Tech.
Mommy MK with PCI Founders

The team cannot contain their excitement when finally our newest platform was revealed to the community. On the other hand, the community members have given an overwhelming response during the virtual launch. Everyone was excited, involved, and interested. 

Challenges of FHMoms Learning Center before the e-learning platform:

  • Too many Facebook Groups – a trainer creates a Facebook Group for each batch per course. 
  • Too many Chat Groups – in line with every Facebook Group, a chat group is created for each batch per course.
  • Monthly uploading of videos – each course has around 30 – 100 videos each. Can you imagine how much time the instructor renders just to upload these videos?
  • Access to the course of the Alumni – without the platform it is quite chaos on how to get back to the previous course. 
  • Payment Gateway – the existing payment channels are very limited which is usually a concern for our students especially those who are not in the metro and currently overseas.
  • Tracking of the learning progress of the students.

Now, PCI gives a platform that is time and cost-efficient, intuitive and easy to use and offers tracking and better collaboration. We are hopeful that this will resolve our challenges.

Major Features of PCI E-learning Platform

  • Web browser ready – any kind of browser you have in your laptop/ computer can access the platform.
  • Online Payment Ready – offers many different payment channels and still adding more!
  • Track learner progress and feedback – reports are auto-generated and up-to-date. Instructors can also closely monitor each student’s performance.
  • Easy access to learning content – whilst the platform is user-friendly it also has different features that cater to the needs of the users.

During the virtual launch that was hosted by FHMoms Founder, Mommy MK, where she was joined by Serge Ramos – PCI Founder and CEO and our very own Mommy Trainers.

Replay in our FHMoms Facebook Group pinned posts and via our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCd6txsqibg

Much has been tackled during the launch. Features were thoroughly discussed, platform demo was made, course updates were given by our trainers, and it was made even more fun by the exciting games and awesome prizes.

One of the games during the Virtual Launch

More features are coming for this platform, and we can’t even more excited knowing that the mobile app for this platform is next to be developed! How awesome is that?

FHMoms is very happy and excited to bring this platform for everyone. It is a dream come true for the whole team knowing that we will be able to serve you better and we will reach more moms! 

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” – George Couros

We hope this platform will truly help everyone. This technology will be a life-changing for our Mombers.

FHMoms Team and PCI Team

Thank you for watching the virtual launch. For the others, you can watch the replay in our FHMoms Facebook Group pinned posts and through our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCd6txsqibg

Stay safe everyone!

ABOUT PCI Tech Center

PCI Innovations Tech Center,Inc is an education technology (EdTech) company that aims to bring excellent, interactive, and immersive learning to every corner of the country with new and engaging technologies. We aspire to beat the fore front of elevating the quality of primary to tertiary education as well as improving the corporate training and professional education in the Philippines.PCI Tech Center is made by the Filipinos, for the Filipinos.


Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms) is the first and the biggest parenting, freelancing and entrepreneurship group for Pinay moms in the Philippines. We are dedicated to help all Filipina moms out there who are aspiring to work from home to be able to land an online job or start a digital business through our virtual community, events and regular training sessions.


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