FHMoms 2018 Year-end Achievements


2018 was another year of outstanding achievements, big and small, for Filipina Homebased Moms. These accomplishments are not going down the drain as they all give great impact to FHMoms as a whole. So, without further ado, let's look back at our main achievements last year:

1. Winner - Best Beginner Hack Award in DevelopHer Challenge

In September 2018, TEAM FHMOMS joined Accenture PH's DevelopHER : All-Female Hackathon and they were in it to win it! Mommies MK, Belle A., Kessa, Belle P., & Katrina were the team FHMOMS during Accenture PH's DevelopHER event. 

2. The Freelance Fair Community of the Year

The Filipina Homebased Moms was also chosen as the community of the year during The Freelance Fair 2018! Thanks to our group Admins, Moderators, Team Members, Trainers, Guest Speakers, Live Broadcasters, Event Organizers, Volunteers, Bloggers, STV Vlog Contributors, Encouragers, Sponsors, Partners, and most of all, the active members who diligently any questions in the group discussion. If not for all of you, FHMoms would never be possible! 

3. FHMoms and Pampers on Mother’s Day

Since FHMoms was created by a mom for moms, it was our joy to have celebrated Mother's Day 2018 together. Thanks to our generous sponsor, Pampers, "Celebrating Motherhood" started and ended with a smile on everyone's faces.

During the event, the speakers talked about healthy baby food ideas, turning your passion in a purpose, paano mapagod sa pagiging wifey, homeschooling, and freelancing. It was an event to remember! 

4. More moms became WAHMs through our courses!

With the help of our mommy trainers, we got to hear a lot of amazing success stories every day! And that’s what makes it so rewarding: seeing more moms getting home-based jobs with the help of our online courses.

We are rapidly growing and in 2019, we continue to move forward and give back! This is what our community is all about after all!

101,497 Members in Filipina Homebased Moms Community Group

2787 Students in Fhmoms Online University

83,000 Active Members according to group insights

34,219 Likes in Filipina Homebased Moms Page

501 5-star reviews in Fhmoms Page

180 Online and Onsite Events

15 Provincial Events

103 Videos in Fhmoms Youtube Channel

3253 Subscribers in Fhmoms Youtube Channel

 Thank you for all your the love and support, fellow FHMoms!

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