FHMom’s Guide to Being Gentle on FHKids


You've got a deadline to hit, piles of laundry are waiting, the entire house is a mess, you're left at home with the kids and to make things work, HE'S THROWING A TANTRUM! How on earth would you gently deal with such a scene?

Before you lose your sanity, here's a list of simple FHMom's tips on being gentle with our FHKiddos.

Stay calm

Easier said than done but we all know the importance of staying calm when our kids are making a scene. Pause. Breath. Drink water. Go to the restroom to compose yourself if you have to. Additionally, try turning your back at your kid and count to ten if you can’t leave for a little while. That can help you cool down a little bit.

As grown-ups, we already know how dangerous it is to confront a situation when angry, especially when it comes to our kids. Yelling at them might not be the best route to take as it can traumatize our youngsters.

Never give in to the demands

Public tantrums often cause the parents to give in to minimize embarrassment. However, it's not the best route to take. When we give in to what the child wants they will continue to use that behavior as their means of controlling us. When outside, forget about what others say. Stay firm and tell him, "you are not going to get what you want by doing that."

When the tantrum is done at home, lucky you! You can ignore him until he is no longer acting like a mad cartoon character. 😀 And then when he is calmer, you can talk about the cause of the uproar.

Gently discuss the cause of the outburst

Do not underestimate a child's capability to understand an adult talk. Sit with him and let him explain the reason for the tantrum. Look at him in the eye as he talks, hear him out and explain your side later on. Then assure him with your love by giving him warm hugs and kisses.

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