FHMOMS Received P500,000 Grant from MFT CEO Mica Tan


It is the time of the year again, where all the people are busy and happy. It is indeed a fruitful year for FHMOMS, and this year deserved a roaring year-end party.

FHMOMS organized an event to culminate its year. With the help of the trainers, volunteers, and the core team, MK Bertulfo was able to pull off an event with an overwhelming more than 500 attendees. The event started as early as 7:00 am and wrapped up past 2:00 pm. It was a fun celebration full of activities, learning, giveaways, and prizes. But the biggest gift is yet to come.

FHMOMS’ Founder MK Bertulfo and the organizing team together with the attendees.
Activities in FHMOMS’ Coachella Year End Party 2019.
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Despite the bumper to bumper traffic situation on that day, one special lady still managed to drop by and shower blessings to FHMOMS. Mica Tan is the founder and CEO of MFT Group and one of the youngest entrepreneurs. She is also one of the core investors for the business show, The Final Pitch, wherein start-up businesses compete to the finals to get investors and potential funding. Mica Tan who is also much aware of the struggles of starting your own business chose to share wisdom with the TFP aspirants. She was especially inspired by the humble beginnings and story of the FHMOMS community.

Mica Tan, MFT Group CEO

Mica Tan conquered that buzzing day made it to the celebration of the year. The mommies who stayed few more minutes after the event witnessed Mica Tan coming over. The whole FHMOMS team was moved that the young CEO made time to drop by despite her busy schedule. She presented the gift to FHMOMS Founder, MK Bertulfo. It was a sponsored fund amounting to Php500,000.00! MK was more than thrilled to receive this present. This will go a long way for the FHMOMS community.

Watch the video in this link.

Also, sending gratitude and acknowledgment to The Final Pitch. If not for this show, MK will not be granted this awesome gift. MK is also well-deserved of the prize she got from winning the MFT business challenge. It is a vacation trip to Vietnam – all expenses covered!

More than anything, MK Bertulfo and her team was just glad and overwhelmed with all the support and love given by everybody. They promise to work harder for their mission and to make 2020 a more prosperous and wonderful year!


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