Freelancer WAHM, the Career to Beat


My romance with freelancing started barely a year ago. It is such a blessing that moms nowadays have the opportunity to have home-based jobs in the Philippines. The opportunity to stay at home with the family and earn at the same time for them is precious. I know a lot of Freelancer WAHM and it sits well with them.

I recall when I was younger, our mom had to travel most of the time in order to help our dad with the family business. This means we are left in the care of either a house help or an elder relative. There were times that both our parents are not available for important life events for us.

Is freelancing at home the new career goals for this time and age? When you were young and asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I don’t think you will respond with, “I want to be a freelancer WAHM when I grow up!”

The road to freelancing at home has its ups and downs. It comes so easy to others and yet can be a train wreck to some. Looking at it on a positive note, the good always outweighs the bad. The joys of seeing your child’s first step while you are earning in the comforts of your home is a double-whammy celebration.

Let’s face it, it still difficult to make some people understand what freelancing is. Some may think that it’s not a stable career. There are others who will not even call it a career. You may even hear some say that you are throwing away your education by choosing that route.

If stability means having the same boss or employer for many years, it goes the same in both an office-based or home-based job. I agree that a college degree is important in the Philippine setting. If you studied to be a nurse, you work as a nurse. But isn’t it wonderful that you are not restricted to your college degree when you work at home. When you realize your passion at a certain time in your life and be good at it.

No matter what other people say, you are the king, rather Queen, of your destiny. The opportunities for home-based Jobs in the Philippines are endless. You will have the chance to see your kid’s milestones, something that a regular day job may limit you on.  

I always say, next to God, my family is my priority. A mom who can juggle work and look after the family at home is a career in itself. It is the best decision a  mother can do. You see another facet of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

Raise your hand if you are a freelancer WAHM. Celebrate every little win that you get when you work with your family in the comforts of your home. Not everyone mom can claim that she has a home-based job in the Philippines. People will realize that you can have your cake and eat it too.

About the Author

Venus is a Pharmacist by Profession and was an entrepreneur at a young age. She left her 11-year career in the BPO industry when her son was diagnosed with Autism, it was not a hard decision to make. She joined Filipina Homebased Moms in mid-2018 and is now the Encourager for Makati City-Taguig-Pateros. She is laser-focused on what she wants to achieve as a freelancer and Autism-awareness advocate. As the Genuine Domestic Goddess, she wants to pay it forward to other moms and show them that work-life balance is achievable.


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