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Nowadays, kids are prone to malnutrition due to a series of factors. We have the family lifestyle, accessibility of nutritious food, kid’s food preferences, and so much more

In our beloved country, the Philippines, the malnutrition rate is relatively high according to recent studies. While reports indicate that there is enough food to feed the country, many Filipinos continue to go hungry and become malnourished due to inadequate intake of food and nutrients.

A kid that is malnourished can greatly affect its body development. Some of the most needed nutrients are protein and calcium that play a vital role in being healthy.

Let’s find out facts about nutrition:

Health effects of Protein and Calcium Deficiency (children aged below 7-10 years old)

Reference: Rolfes, S.R., Pinna, K. & Whitney, E. (2012). Understading Normal and Clinical Nutrition (9th Ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

  • Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) – This is the deficiency of protein, energy or both, including kwashiorkor, marasmus and instances in which they overlap. It also known as Protein-Calorie Malnutrition (PCM) Protein Wasting
  • Stunting – It is a PEM caused by recent severe food restriction (Acute), it causes underweight for height
  • Wasting – It is a PEM caused by long-term food deprivation (chronic) which results to short height for age

Good effects/benefits of Protein and Calcium (Especially among children aged below 10 years old)

Reference: Rolfes, S.R., Pinna, K. & Whitney, E. (2012). Understading Normal and Clinical Nutrition (9th Ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.


  • Growth and maintenance (skin, tendons, membranes, muscles, organs, bones, repair of body tissues)
  • Immunity (antibodies are proteins)
  • Participates in blood clotting and wound healing


  • Rigid bone structure that holds the body upright and serves as  attachment points for muscles, making motion possible
  • Participates in blood clotting
  • Regulation of muscle contraction
  • Protects against bone loss in the later years of life
  • Prevent fractures from easily happening
  • Participates in nerve impulse transmission (nerve signals)

How to determine if your kid is Protein or Calcium Deficient?

Reference: Rolfes, S.R., Pinna, K. & Whitney, E. (2012). Understading Normal and Clinical Nutrition (9th Ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.


  • Underweight for height (wasting)
  • Short height for age (stunting)
  • Hair is sparse, thin, dry, brittle, easily pulled out, changes color
  • Skin is dry, thin, easily wrinkles and develops lesions
  • Enlarged fatty liver
  • Edema (water retention in tissues, “manas” in Filipino


  • Weak and brittle nails
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands, feet and face
  • Easy fracturing of bones
  • Bone deformities

Discover Prottie®, the newest soymilk drink that is rich in protein and calcium! It has two flavors for your kids to enjoy – chocolate and caramel. We can now help beat malnutrition in a tasty way!

Best news is yet to be told, it is powdered! This is the first ever powdered chocolate and caramel soymilk in the Philippines. It gives you the benefit of storing as many as you want and not be afraid of the quick expiration. It is also rich in protein and calcium that will support your kid’s body and bone development.

Here are some fun facts about Prottie®:

The required amount of protein required for children aged 7-9 years old based on the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake (RENI) is 43g, while calcium requirement is 700mg. With Prottie®, your children will surely get the required intake of both protein and calcium for the day.

Good to know facts about soy-protein:

Prottie® contains soy which come from soybeans.

  • Soybeans contain all essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition.
  • It is a high quality protein (due to its complete essential amino acid content)
  • It has high protein digestibility (more than 90%) comparable to meats (at 90-99%)}

Now, we found an affordable tasty way to keep our kids healthy. Try it to believe it!


Beat childhood protein and calcium malnutrition the tasty way! Siguraduhing tama ang pagpapalaki at pagpapalakas sa iyong chikiting with balanced diet and the NEW Prottie® Soymilk Drink Mix. It’s made of tasty and healthy soy, made even more delicious with caramel and chocolate flavor. Now that’s #LAKASARAP!

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