How To Become a Work-at-Home Mom


How to become a work at home mom
To earn while at the comfort of my home is what I thought to be only a dream. I was unsure if there’s any work from home available. Then, I came across home-based jobs in the Philippines while searching on Google. At first, I was clueless about it. Then, I found out that there are also many Facebook groups talking about home-based jobs, freelancing, freelance, and etc.. That’s when I realized they are all the same. I told myself that my search is over! Or so I thought? I started to do more research about home-based jobs on Google and YouTube and that’s how my journey as a work at home lady began. I came to realize that there are many home-based jobs accessible. If you are a mom who’s working at the corporate industry, overseas worker, or a stay-at-home mom and wants to venture in home-based jobs, here are 

Tips on how to become a work-at-home mom

1. Be prepared

This is a very basic requirement that I ignored at the beginning. I was not emotionally and psychologically prepared with the difficulties of being a work-at-home.

2. Learn the required Skills

Home-based jobs are not typical office work wherein there are people who will help. To fit in, I enrolled in online courses that I wanted and also I kept on searching online for more information.

3. Prepare the Necessary Equipment

You buy your own laptop, headset, table, and chair in order to start working. Additionally, contact the most reliable internet service provider in your area so you can apply for a postpaid plan and not have to worry about it anymore. Ask around the neighborhood so you know which ISP is the most reliable in your location.

4. Prepare Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio

Just like applying for a job in a corporate set-up, these should be ready. These are your gateway to be shortlisted, if not accepted for the job. Visit the Filipina Homebased Moms group and page for more tips and advice on how to create a resume and cover letter that stand out.

5. Start Applying

I started applying by creating my account in platforms like, LinkedIn, Livingston, and the like. Make sure to complete your profile and take applicable tests to boost your chances of getting hired.

6. Don’t forget to keep on learning.

When I decided to work-at-home, it was hard. I had no idea how to start my journey as a work at home mom. I was at my verge of giving up and depression is starting to kick in. But I took the difficulties as a challenge to improve myself. The steps above helped me a lot to gain more knowledge and grow better.
Now that you have everything you need to start, do not forget to take a lot of courage. Some freelancers are lucky to get a client right away but this is not true for everyone. If you fail at first, do not lose hope. Keep on trying and you will soon find the client that's meant for you.

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Rosebelle Dario is a Marketing graduate. She worked at the government for a year then worked overseas for 7 years.  After coming back to the Philippines, she became an English as a Second Language tutor. Since writing is her passion, she took an online writing course and now she’s enjoying the perks of being a freelance writer. 


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