How to Survive Working at Home with a Toddler


How to Survive Working at Home with a Toddler

With the rise of virtual opportunities, more and more parents are embracing the bliss of earning without having to leave their family. You just can’t deny the many perks you can get from working at home!

Nonetheless, along with its advantages is the undeniable truth that it’s not always easy to work with kids around. Our little tots sometimes test our patience every time we sit to try to complete an important task. They don’t mean any harm, they just love us so much, they want our attention all the time. However, they also need to understand why we work.

It’s easy to hand them that phone or tablet to keep them company while you complete your deadline but there are other things you can do to turn your little ones into busy bees and give you that time to do your tasks. It’s a win-win for you and your kiddos!

FHMoms gives you a list of what you can do to survive working at home with a toddler:

1. Create an Indoor Activity Area

Our kids learn through play. Even though it looks like they are just making a mess, they benefit a lot from it. Create a little activity area at home where your child can play with his Lego and ClayDoh or do some coloring and writing. This will buy you time to do your job as you watch him from a distance.

2. Ask for help

As much as possible, we want to do things on our own. However, we must remember that there are people who care and are willing to help us. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your family to look after your little ones while you do your tasks.

If no one is around to help you out, see if you can hire a stay-out nanny to help you with your toddlers for a few hours. Nowadays, it’s easier to hire a stay-out than stay-in helpers.

3. Talk to your kids

Let’s not underestimate our toddlers – they can understand as long as we explain things to them. Tell them why you need to work and why you need to stay focused while you do your job. It will not happen overnight but with constant friendly reminders, they will soon get used to the set-up.

4. Make a fun deal

A little incentive offer won’t hurt! Have an activity set for your kids to complete and agree on an award if they finish their assignment. Talk to them about a prize they want to have – perhaps a toy or a happy meal?

5. Have your own “workplace”

Not to completely isolate yourself from the kids but the dining table is not a good area to work during the day! Designate a working space at home so when they see you sitting there, they know right off the bat that you need some time alone to finish your tasks.

Working from home is both a blessing and a challenge. It may not go smoothly right away but you’ll get there. Soon enough, you and your kids will get used to the work-at-home setting. After all, moms always find a way!


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