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The Invisible Cape of a Parent and Homebased Freelancer


The Invisible Cape of a Parent and Freelancer

"Everybody needs an idol, somebody to try to live up to,"  

- Stan Lee (Marvel Comics)  

 As a Filipina Homebased Moms member, Maria Korina Bertulfo is like a hero to the moms she empowers to earn while taking care of the family. As a mom looking for a home-based job in the Philippines, I googled the most influential names today in the freelancing industry who balances parenthood and freelancing.  Let's get to know their side hustles.

Home-based Freelancers to follow in the Philippines


John Pagulayan 

The founder of Freelance Movement Tribe. He transitioned from a low-income blogger to a 7-figured email copywriter.  The biggest challenge for him was removing his own limiting beliefs.

Julian Canita

Known as the FB Ads Superstar with 100 clients and coached 500 students, this dad confirmed that he lives, eat, sleep and breathe Facebook Ads.

Lish Aquino

Amazonation is the brainchild of the Amazon Queen last 2018. This mom is a coach for Filipino Amazon FBA Sellers and Amazon Virtual Assistants.

CJ Cajoles

CJ is the founder of the Online Filipino Freelancers group in 2015. She also led the OFFCON2018 which featured prominent coaches and speakers from e-commerce and advocates of financial literacy. This supermom of three boys is like many women who turned to home-based jobs after an important milestone: having a child.

Marvin de Leon

Marvin makes the Filipino Freelancer a champion through his blog (, his podcast (Freelance Blend Podcast), and his thriving community, Freelance Blenders. Already 5 years since Freelance Blend was established, he continues his mission to help the Filipinos learn about home-based jobs in the Philippines.

Allan Ngo

At the age of 25, he had "Quarter Life Crisis". He left the corporate job and pursued freelancing. Realizing there is little money as a blogger, he upgraded it with the right way to sell using emails and storytelling. Using his platform,, this dad now coaches people on his email marketing boot camp.

Jon Orana

Jon is the founder of Negosyo University. He started freelancing as a web designer. Then came his lowest point. His janitorial job after his business failed and became bankrupt led him to his self-discovery. This dad now coaches on a business plan that guides safely the transition from employment to entrepreneurship.

Melissa Profeta

Melissa is a co-founder of Social Media Academy along with Nix Eniego. This mom keeps her hand busy as a PR specialist along with writing gigs at BuzzFeed, Influencive and the Good Men Project.

Jane Martinito

She creates winning websites while being a mom to her beautiful daughter.  One of her biggest breaks was landing at the #31 spot on Linked in for Top 47 Filipino Professionals on LinkedIn by Marketing Asia.

Ginger Arboleda

Ginger is the beautiful face behind Taxumo, a tech start-up that helps freelancers and professionals prepare, file and pay their taxes. She is also a professional blogger and writes about her journey as a mom and entrepreneur.
These moms and dads wear invisible capes while balancing parenthood and freelancing. Now, whose path do you want to follow as a home-based job in the Philippines expert? Excited to know who's on your list too.

About the Author

Diovelyn Diaz

Diovelyn Diaz is a mom of two girls and an ambivert who blogs about her freelancing journey via her Facebook page called About D Blog. Meeting and collaborating with her fellow FHMombers are among the things she loves about freelancing. 


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