Is Online Freelancing For Me?


Is Online Freelancing For Me?

The advent of technology brought a lot of changes to each of us and to society as a whole. One of the biggest impact technology has made is the way it changed the employment landscape. And the birth of Online Freelancing is the new kind of job market.

What do I mean by Online Freelancing?

Years ago our parents worked in offices, schools, stores or even abroad. Today, most of them still do. However, a significant percentage of the labor force including some of us in the group now work within the comforts of their homes or even bedrooms. They do not have to go through the hassle of commuting to and from work or deciding what to wear during work days. They are whom we call as the online freelancers doing freelancing jobs at the comfort of their homes.

How do Online Freelancing works?

Online freelancers mostly get jobs from online employment websites or through referrals. The concept of online freelancing is very enticing. This type of employment allows one to work at home and still squeeze in doing house chores or taking care of the children. Majority of the freelancers are paid in dollars.

Today, online freelancing is becoming more popular and enticing. Before we join the bandwagon though, let us take a look at what it takes to be an online freelancer. And ask ourselves...

Is Online Freelancing for me?

Generally, to be an effective freelancer one must have the following:

  1. The commitment to deliver the needs of the Client accurately and per schedule, if not ahead. This will go a long way for this will establish one’s dependability which makes the Client retain or extend the service;
  2. Aspiring freelancers must have the confidence as to his or her ability to deliver the needs of the Client and the willingness to learn in case the task is something new or unfamiliar; and
  3. A freelancer must have the tools needed for the execution of the job. The most basic would be a reliable internet connection (at least 3mbps), a desktop computer or laptop (RAM of at least 3GB) a backup internet connection in cases of a power outage and for some jobs that require call handling, a noise-canceling headset.
  4. Proficiency of the English language is an edge, but of course, this can be learned along the way. There are also a lot of helpful tools online that one can tap to be effective in the field.


With all that I have mentioned above, I am now contemplating if online freelancing is for me? I believe it is high time for me to create my resumè and start applying for an online job. The world of online freelancing is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry. It takes a lot of determination to acquire and level up our skills. It needs dedication especially if a freelancer’s life also revolves around one’s family-but with the perks that come with it, surely it is worth a try.

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Lourdesita Dessa Aradillos A mother of 6 kids... Law graduate.. Previously worked with the government and private sector as well as the BPO industry. Currently contemplating whether to start a business or join the online freelance industry


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