Local and International Support Groups for Freelancers on Facebook


Local and International Support Groups for Freelancers on Facebook

I bet you’ve heard about Home-based Jobs Philippines and it’s not your first time to read an article like this. Well, you better keep reading my friend because I’m not going to give you stories of rainbows and unicorns of freelancing, but the key to keeping you going.

Now, you might be wondering if there are online support groups for freelancers.

Let’s celebrate! There are a lot! And I’m not only talking about local support groups here in the Philippines but even International ones.

And while Facebook is one of the most commonly used social platforms for everyone’s “leisure”, it is also the most accessible place to find Local and International support groups for freelancers.

There are a lot of groups where you can do self-promotion, seek advice, ask questions and even look for a potential market. Not only that, Facebook groups give instant support and feedback.

Here’s a list of local and international support groups on Facebook you can check out yourself and join.

Freelancers Facebook Local Support Group in the Philippines

  • Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS)

    One of the biggest and leading online support groups for Pinay moms. This group empowers women and aim to help Filipina moms learn skills, gain confidence and land their dream job while taking care of their family at home.

  • Freelancers in the Philippines (FLiP) by Jason Dulay

    This group’s goal is to share best practices both personal and professional, answer queries and questions, and to be of help to one another in achieving goals. They also offer free and paid trainings for both working and aspiring freelancers.
  • Online Filipino Freelancers

    They have their website to visit and check if you’re not a Facebook person. Their aim is to provide a dynamic and fun community for online Filipino workers and everybody is encouraged to speak their minds, share insights and is expected to help each other. Like Filipina Homebased Moms, you can also read a lot of success stories and freelancing tips from this group. 
  • Blogapalooza Influencer Community

    If you love writing or an aspiring blogger, this group will give you more opportunity to learn more. They organize annual meetups and social gatherings. A great opportunity to learn from experienced bloggers and social media influencers regarding this field.
  • Search Engine Optimization Philippines

    If you’re planning to learn and have a career in SEO, this group is for you. They share tips and guides to optimize your website so you’ll rank in search engines.
  • Freelancers Hub Philippines

    This is a community for learning, support, work opportunities and collaboration for Filipino freelancers of different fields.


Freelancers International Support Group on Facebook

  • Living the Laptop Life

    A Group for Online Service Providers + Marketers – This is a lifestyle and business community for online service providers, all kinds of marketers, virtual assistants and even entrepreneurs, hosted by Julie Stoian.
  • Freelance to Freedom Project Community

    A very supportive and encouraging group to its members, packed with “Special Days”. A great place to connect with other freelancers worldwide.
  • Virtual Assistant Savvies

    An International group that aims to build a community support system to all VA’s and aspiring ones. If you are already a Virtual Assistant who aims to zoom your business and the service you provide, this group suits you perfectly. With their very good support system to answer your questions, it is surely less of a hassle. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to collaborate with the other VA’s.
  • Freelancers Hub

    A community to build connections, especially in creative and web industries.

There you have it! Your list of local and international support groups. These are just some of the many credible groups you’ll find online. Feel free to scan these support groups and you’ll surely find more that will match your taste and needs.These communities are heaven-sent to all freelancers and aspiring ones. And for those who are losing hope with their journey to having a home-based job here’s my favorite quote from Stephen Covey,
“ Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”
So keep going. Keep inspiring.

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