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Meet our Super Mom!


It was the 8-hour daily grind plus the chaotic traffic in the metro which made MK Bertulfo contemplate transitioning to working from home. From queuing too long lines of public transportation and having to experience heavy traffic when going home, these reasons resulted in her missing her son and loved ones’ lives. It was too tiring for her; she was exhausted from work, transportation, house chores, and other issues she has to deal with as a mom.

She is just like most moms out there who sincerely wish to have more time with their families, but unfortunately has to go to work, so they are left with no choice but to leave their kids under the care of a helper.

She came across onlinejobs.ph, one of the biggest and known online home-based job portal. She tried creating a profile for the first time -lo and behold, after only a few hours, someone had already sent her an invite to work. Unable to contain her happiness, she gloriously shared her experience to her mom-friends whom eventually, she had helped landed online jobs, too. Lending a helping hand comes naturally from Mommy MK, as she was fondly called. Her heart is filled with so much joy whenever she sees the results of the help she provided to hundreds of moms asking for guidance from her. After basking in the glory of her life-changing experience on landing an online job that turns now into her full-time career, she thought of other moms who were in the same shoes as her before. Being a mom herself, she definitely understands the struggles of making both ends meet and at the same time taking care of their growing family. Not to mention the pressure and expectations that the society has given to women- be a good mom and a career woman at the same time.

And that led her to create the support group via FB which she named Filipina Homebased Moms, a community catering to Filipina moms who wishes to have home-based jobs as well. She offers training, webinars, and engagement. and other events that will inspire our mothers to continue pursuing their goals.

As the group grows, so does its heart. FHMoms envisions building a nationwide community of empowered Filipina mothers. MK wants to reach as far as she can and find those mothers waiting for her.

Every day, more mothers have been helped by FHMoms to find online jobs. Every day, new ones join the group hoping to find an online job.

As of writing, the community now has more than 190,000 members. Whatever FHMOMS is right now, its success is because of a lot of moms who have the same vision and mission in life, and that is to extend help to each other to be a Wondermom in a world full of chaos and problems. Each and everyone serves as an inspiration and advisers to all the members of this group.

Let us change the world, one mom at a time.



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