Prottie Helps in Keeping Our Kids Healthy


Isn’t it exciting to have a helping hand in keeping our kids healthy?

Balance diet, physical activity and health are interconnected. Your nutrition is a key player when it comes to physical, mental, and social well-being. That is why FHMoms is happy to partner with Prottie Soymilk drink. Both partners support the mother’s in providing good nutrition to their children.

Prottie dance challenge becomes a hit with our moms and their kids in time with the lockdown. FHMoms and Prottie Soymilk drink mix come hand in hand to provide fun and more prizes to their loyal supporters. The contest gave an avenue for mothers to bond with their children while doing the challenge. The promo was extended due to our community’s transition to lockdown.

Physical activity and positive vibes are important during the coronavirus pandemic. It helps people lessen stress and provides happiness that improves wellbeing. Aside from having a good disposition, keeping one’s health is important. Prottie soymilk drink mix has protein and calcium components. These are added nutrients needed to support our kids growing health. FHMoms believe in protecting our loved ones is a way to show that they are important to us. Thus, Prottie soymilk drink gives the benefits as mothers try to resolve health issues such as calcium and protein deficiency. Malnutrition may lead to unwanted physical defects such as being too short for the age. Kids can become underweight for the height, or even experience bone deformities.

One reason for FHMoms to support mothers in promoting good nutrition for their kids. They encourage to drink Prottie Soymilk drink mix together with a balanced diet. To have better immunity and strong teeth. Children who enjoy the soymilk drink may have nicer hair, healthier skin and nails, and one of the most important, they will have stronger bones. What are you waiting for?  Go for Prottie and enjoy healthy happy children at home.

Surely, this is not like any other chocolate drinks. It is a powdered soy milk full of nutrients and filled with goodness. See kids here, who are strong and happy showing off their healthy bodies through this newest dance challenge ( ). 

Isn’t that promising?

Grab your phones now and record your own video doing this new dance challenge. Let us spread to other moms about this good news!

And for the mothers who have yet to taste our one and only Prottie(r) soymilk powdered drink, click this link and purchase it online:

Let’s do it in a tasty way!


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