Reasons Why You Need To Choose Your Niche As a Freelancer


There are probably thousands of home-based jobs in the Philippines. However, with those jobs comes stiff competition from all over. While it’s tempting to learn a lot of skills and be a jack of all trades, it is more sensible to find and decide on your niche early on.

Let me give you three (3) reasons why.

You can position yourself as an expert in a specific area

Imagine yourself having a blurred vision for three days now. You’re having trouble doing tasks and desperately need help. Would you go to a doctor who practices general medicine or to an ophthalmologist?

Clients are the same way. They have distinct needs and pain points. If you could narrow down your skillset and provide excellent service with what you have, clients are going to recognize you as an authority. You’d be their go-to person for that particular job.

Let’s say you want to work as a social media manager. Social media is still a very broad industry. But if you become a Facebook Ads specialist or a Pinterest marketer, it shows potential clients that this must be something you’re really good at. And everybody wants an expert on their team, right?

You’ll attract clients who need your services

Now, when you’re known for your skillset, it would be a lot easier for clients to find you. Your resume appears more professional too.

It is like having a well-thought ad that targets a specific audience. You take on jobs that build your portfolio, make you highly specialized, and more sought after.

You’ll work less but get paid higher

So, consider working as a social media marketer. Your client has five social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. You would have to come up with engaging content for all those platforms, schedule them and track the outcome of your marketing efforts.

But if you concentrate on one platform such as Instagram, you could offer your services at a premium rate. You’d be an Instagram Ads specialist. You wouldn’t need to create so much content too.

Overall, you could say specialists get the lion’s share in the freelancing world. Trying to cater to everybody is bound to hurt your career in the long run. Pick a skill and be so good at it that clients would happily pay a lot of money for your services.

So, have you thought of a niche?


Mommy Madz De Leon

Mommy Madz is a health professional turned parenting and lifestyle blogger at She enjoys crocheting, doing yoga and learning foreign languages during her free time.


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