The 5 Perks of Online Freelancing


perks of online freelancing

Online Freelancing is becoming popular over the years. More and more people are switching from a typical corporate job to online freelancing.

It is interesting to note that several employees are now getting frustrated and/or stagnated with their full-time jobs. No career growth, having little time to spend with their families and not being able to work on their own terms are some of the common employee complaints.

If you or someone you know is feeling the same way, online freelancing might be one alternative to a work lifestyle that you can think about. 

What Is Online Freelancing?

Online freelancing means working on a computer via the internet for one or more companies at different times instead of being employed by a single company.

What Are The Benefits of Online Freelancing?

  1. Freedom to choose projects and clients

They are free to set their own terms when choosing the projects they would want to work on. Freelancing makes it easier for anyone to choose the type of work that is aligned to their own interests, passions, and values.

  1. Freedom to work anywhere

Freelancers are given the privilege to work anytime from anywhere around the globe as long as they submit their deliverables on time. They can either work part-time, full-time or on per project basis.

  1. More opportunities to earn more

Being an online freelancer gives anyone the privilege to secure clients from anywhere in the world. The internet has helped break the barriers and everyone is now given the opportunity to use their skills beyond geography.

  1. Career growth

Since freelancers can easily manage their own time, they also now have the opportunity to upskill i.e. to learn new tools and platforms anytime they want and monetize this knowledge in return. As they’d say, “Learners are earners”.

  1. Spending more quality time with family

Freelancing gives you the freedom to managing your time according to your family dynamics. This is also one of the top reasons why many corporate moms are now transitioning into freelancing moms.

Are you already a freelancer? If not, do you have plans of becoming one soon? What “freelancing” perks are you most excited to have? Are there any others not yet included in this list? Do share them in the comments below.


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Belle Prado is a tech-savvy geek who transitioned herself into becoming a Work-At-Home-Mom after 17 years of working in the corporate world as a Systems Specialist. She says that becoming a WAHM has always been one of the best decisions she’s ever made since aside from spending more quality time with her family, it gave her the time and freedom to pursue her other passions – music, baking, writing and personal development. It also allowed her to explore the world of entrepreneurship and is now enjoying the rollercoaster ride in running two businesses: Social Belle PH (digital marketing service provider) and Three Marys Cakes (customized cakes supplier). This made her realize that she’s a multipotentialite after all! She also finds time to pour out her heart and soul via her personal gratitude blog, Enlightened Filipina Mom -- her way of glorifying the one true source of all these blessings.


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