Ways to Protect Ourselves from Corona Virus


Most of us are worried about the new COVID-19 disease that’s recently bringing chaos to the world.  Apparently, there are a lot of people around the globe who have confirmed cases. Well, we can take action to protect ourselves and our family from contracting the virus. Simple things that we can do is to stay at home as much as possible, social distance, wash our hands regularly, drink vitamins to boost our immune system and eat healthy food. 

Protect ourselves from corona virus

The best way to prevent coronavirus is to wash hands as often as possible. Washing our hands with soap and water will lessen infection risk. WHO recommends washing our hands for 20-30 seconds, then rinsing it under running water.

Avoid touching our eyes, nose, and mouth, because we may contract the virus from surfaces. For example, germs linger on doorknobs which means that it is possible that we get it once we touch it. The germs stay on our hands, making it easy to infect ourselves if we touch our faces with dirty hands. Stay away from those people who are coughing or sneezing since this is one of the early symptoms of coronavirus. We also need to be careful since we know that the virus could be caught from the air and it may increase the risk of infection.

Avoid shaking hands with our friends or relatives when we meet them to protect ourselves from infection, as WHO advised.

We should also use disinfectant products to kill the viruses, especially on our doorknobs, kitchen area, and bathroom area. 

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Practice Social Distancing

We should stay at home as much as possible and avoid going to crowded places like cinemas. Our family likes to watch movies once a month but we need to stop doing it while it’s not yet safe.  Avoid eating in food courts and restaurants where most of us like to dine together with our family. By doing this, we can help limit the spread of the virus.

It’s better to stay home, stock groceries and other necessities needed in our daily living, have a bonding with your family at home like watch movies together, have some recreational activities like playing board games, cards or take online courses to learn new things or add new skills to improve ourselves.

Limit social gatherings like meetings with our family far from our area or some closest friends to avoid spreading of the virus.

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Avoid meeting up to someplace where we can be possibly exposed to the virus. We should also maintain our distance between others when we are going out of our house, like we are going to the market. Wearing a mask can protect ourselves from getting sick, especially when we are with someone. Coronavirus can be spread through droplets which are transmitted via sneezing or conversing.               

Practice Proper Hygiene

When we arrive home, we should not go near to our family right away. Make it a habit to sanitize by washing hands and throwing away disposable masks that we used outdoors. It is also recommended to change our clothes at once and leave our shoes outside. By doing this, we can avoid risking our family members who have low immune systems like senior citizens and babies. 

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Avoid coming near to the Animals

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As pet lovers, we should limit handling our pets. Since many of us are in quarantine, we are more affectionate with our pet cats and dogs as we spend more time with them in the house. But for now, we should not risk ourselves in handling animals. After touching pets, we have to make sure that we wash our hands immediately with water and soap for 30seconds.

We should follow what our communities advise us to do. Let us stay home, away from crowded places. Let us also keep a good distance between ourselves and other people. It is also important to keep our house clean and sanitized. Eating healthy food, drinking vitamins, covering our mouths when we cough and washing our hands can protect us from the disease. It can also help if we separate ourselves from pets. This way, we can stay away from getting infected with the coronavirus. Let us all be safe and healthy. 


Amii Lane Magallanes is a former OFW who decided to stay in the Philippines for good because of her daughter. She wants to see her grow up and be close to her not just as a mom but also as a best friend. She is currently working as an ESL online teacher home based for almost 4 months. Although the income abroad is not the same here, she prefers to work at home where is comfortable and happy being with her family.


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