WeRemote Coworking Space


As the freelancing industry is booming and start-up businesses are on rapid growth, a well-conditioned space is also on-demand to suffice the needs of these creative minds. It is such an exciting feeling to be in picture-perfect interiors and be surrounded by different people but still be able to shoot up your productivity.

Young entrepreneurs and freelancers love to avail a coworking space due to these reasons:

  • Networking – Yes, you might be working with yourself but you’re not alone. You could widen your connections by meeting other creative people.
  • Diversity – It is fun to be in a room filled with random people but somewhat with the same goal in mind – to be great in what they are doing.
  • Cost-Efficient – Unlike renting your own office or building one, shared-office spaces are way cheaper. All you need to bring is yourself and your laptop and everything is set. All office amenities are readily available.
  • Flexibility – This gives you freedom on your work schedule and on the space you want to be in. No need to work around certain operating hours or someone else’s schedule.

Coworking spaces will best work for people who believe in creativity, collaboration, and diversity. This is a perfect way of going away from the traditional offices that usually bore young-minded employees. It is such a thrilling feeling to look forward to going to work every day because of the chances of meeting new interesting folks that might inspire you or change your perspectives. If you are a work-at-home mother, you might want to consider working for a few hours in these spaces. It will give you a break from the distractions at home that keeps you from focusing on your work. At the very least, these spaces provide a conducive workplace environment and for some time you will feel that you do not work alone.

As a start-up business for freelancers, we found a new coworking space that provides just what we needed. Introducing, WeRemote Coworking space. It is located in an accessible location at 2nd Floor Metrowalk Complex Meralco Ave. Pasig City. These are some of the amenities that you may enjoy:

  • Sleeping Quarters & Showers
  • Private Offices
  • BPO Stations
  • Hot Desks
  • Meeting rooms
  • Training/Event room
  • Lounges
  • Free Parking
  • PodCast studio
  • Photo Studio
  • Testing Room
  • Interview Rooms
  • Phone Booths
  • Pantry
  • Training Seminars and Events

Sure, there are more coworking spaces available and have been established long before. What makes WeRemote stand out is the fact that they have seen what improvements other spaces need and they put it on their own. Since they are new, all amenities are not yet worn out. They have complete facilities that may not be available in your old coworking space. Another exciting service that they offer is the Shared Services for Human Resources, Recruitment, Payroll, and Accounting usually for startup companies. For those who will avail the membership package, discounts and perks are just overwhelming. You will get unlimited refreshments and access to the key facilities: Lounge, Game Room, Sleeping Quarters, Onsite Clinic, Shower use, Lockers, Kitchen and Pantry privileges, and Printers and Scanners. Needless to say, the internet connection is accessible.

With all that, can’t you be more inspired to work?


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